Zhu sister mutton soup why so hot

in the catering market, we will often see such a phenomenon, that is the food and beverage items are very popular in the market, but their own shop, business is business is very bleak, with pre estimate their do not the same, this is why? Want to know the answer if Xiaobian a mutton soup story. Mutton soup is very common, the business is also very dull, but in Shandong there is such a brand of mutton soup is very popular, this is Zhu sister lamb soup. Let’s take a look at their story.

is also mutton soup why she’s so hot

, a daughter was "soup"

25 years ago, the 30 year old Zhu Yumei to the business by Hu spicy soup for mutton soup, she put the name of the brand with their surname, named Zhu sister, meaning cordial, warm. Her intentions to operate the brand, adhere to the traditional craft boil, taste pure and delicious, and now has become one of the successful Heze mutton soup shop. Her daughter was pretty pleasant, dubbed the "customer Yangtang beauty" and widely spread, a lot of people to take a look, have a special trip to drink mutton soup.

Hu soup from the transformation of mutton soup named Zhu sister, meaning cordial warm

Zhu Yumei was born in 1960 in the Southern District of Mudan District, 22 years old and her husband, Yu Guixian married, under pressure from life, but also to the wedding of the sweet, but in the street selling a spicy soup, fried dough sticks, on the side of the. Hospitality enthusiasm, cooking is clean, it is true, Zhu Yumei stalls still prosperous.

4, 5 years after the

Hu soup sold, Zhu Yumei saw the city of mutton soup business is good, and high income than spicy soup, to open up a. She went to inquire about the mutton soup aniseed market practice, repeated attempts, the taste almost, decided to try to open, until the customer taste said "good taste", she is a hanging heart was put down.

to the name of the mutton soup shop, Zhu Yumei, taking into account that there is often a customer called her sister, simply raise a name Zhu Zhu Lamb Soup, I hope Zhu Zhu Lamb Soup to give people a warm, warm feeling.

later, in order to improve the cooking technology, Zhu Yumei hired a teacher Fu, the teacher refused to pass the technology to her, Zhu Yumei in the kitchen to help secretly learn. When the teacher retired, Zhu Yumei once again took up the kitchen, and in accordance with the views of customers, continuous improvement, business is getting better and better.

two, adhere to the traditional process of cooking when the fire is like eating the most

a lot of people still remember the big sister mutton soup is located in the old road on the Chinese road, and now has been removed for the

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