Shop operators need to seize the opportunity

is also a shop operation, some shopkeepers can seize the opportunity at any time, so that the sale of goods unpopular, and some shops will be dissatisfied with the business. In fact, the test is the owner of the opportunity to grasp the ability, if you want a good business, each special period of time, you need to seize the opportunity, I am so.

is influenced by the customs and the level of consumption, a wedding in a certain period of time and in the same area, customers often only with a choice of smoke or some smoke, sometimes there will be one or several cigarette inventory shortage. So, I will communicate with the customer manager in advance, and more than a few customers to order some festive cigarettes, prepared in advance.

I think the festive atmosphere can give customers a warm feeling, so the store was packed. In addition, in different seasons, different festivals to promote the use of different ways to attract customers. For example, students in the concentrated period of entrance feast and the wedding, I will post housewarming, studies feast, wedding and other festive activities notice, launched a festive tobacco brand specification package, and gifts.

in the Christmas, the Spring Festival held during the wedding, I held a cigarette and wine to send gifts. On the choice of gifts, according to the different varieties of tobacco and alcohol, targeted with gifts, gifts with festive atmosphere. These activities not only increase the fun, but also increase the popularity.

now due to fierce competition, the opportunity to point to the probability of each store is very small, so if you can not take the initiative to seize the opportunity, which is undoubtedly detrimental to the development of the business of the store. And I from the details of innovation, activities at any time to update, and commitment to customers, cigarettes do special markers, as long as the liquor does not open the packaging, you can press the price back. This is to retain a part of the fixed customer and the development of a number of potential customers.

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