Retail business should not argue with customers

people of different personalities to deal with the same thing when it is very easy to produce a variety of disputes, not to mention it will involve money and property transactions. Because of this, many people who do retail business is easy to dispute with customers. In fact, it is easy for customers to complain about our service. At this time, do not have a meaningless dispute with the customer, because even if you win, you may lose the customer.

I have a friend to do air conditioning business. If the customer is very picky about the product, and claimed not to buy air conditioning can also, he followed the other party’s meaning, said: This product is not very good, spend so much money to buy a bad thing really uneconomical!" You say, the other is like pushing a door, the door suddenly disappeared, you can’t make.

in this way, his opposition is not important, even if there is nothing to be satisfied with the feeling that there is no need to say. Next, friend Schmidt began sincerely for each other’s ideas: "generally speaking, middle grade air conditioning have this wrong. This summer is not too hot, but the air conditioning or useful. If you do not care about the price, you can buy a little."

in such exchanges, the other side of the invisible to my friends as a way to help their own ideas, instinctive vigilance will disappear. This is a very important idea that psychology experts recommend to sales staff: do not just think of yourself as a salesman, but also as a customer.

if the retail customers can more from the customer’s point of view, but in the time of the exchange, can follow the customer words, this argument will collapse of itself. Because the dispute can not solve the problem, and once the dispute, the audience will be attracted to you, it will affect sales. Therefore, when we deal with customer complaints, we should hold the attitude of "listening carefully", and do a good job of communication with customers, focusing on the factors of complaints, as soon as possible to restore customer confidence in their own.

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