What needs to be done for the first time to prepare the nine elements to keep in mind

this era, a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, which for the majority of ordinary people, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship seems to be a very natural thing, after all, people want to get rich quickly. For inexperienced investors, the first shop need to do what preparation? Xiaobian for everyone to sort out.

second elements: orientation. To clear what position is the best position, where they shop. In this area, and how many of their competitors, even if they have to peer competition, winning the grasp, the enemy, know yourself. Do not be too blind, in the university next to open the old man and the child’s belongings or in the hospital next to open personality, rebellious clothing store, so it is difficult to succeed!

third elements: a clear consumer. If you don’t know the goal, it’s hard to succeed, like a headless fly. So before the shop to clear their own consumer groups in what age, the level of consumption in the region.

fourth elements: understand the sources. To know where their sources, to understand how much the price. The first purchase must be careful, in general, there are several products in a wholesale shop. Do you want to know which is the first wholesaler? Which is the second wholesaler or the third wholesaler of fourth? If you choose not to be the first wholesaler, your costs will rise. Besides, in general, we will have a long-term purchase of a wholesaler. So the first purchase is very important, it is best to find an experienced friend to help.

sixth elements: the cost of computation, determine the price of goods. This is the key, a direct impact on the long-term business store. To know the goods in addition to rent and purchase costs and other expenses, the remaining how much profit. Clear about profit, know how much the price of goods. Set the number of prices, the most acceptable to consumers, and they have a huge profit.

seventh elements: find some shrewd businessman from experience. They will also provide you with valuable advice for you to learn and learn about their marketing methods and management skills. At the same time, you can get their support.

eighth elements: win family support. No matter in what family behind, in front of their business. Family support is more important than anything.

ninth elements: ask yourself. Know how much money they have, how much can open the shop, how much can enter? Recommended Opening

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