Actual case analysis high quality soft Wen on the site Baidu ranking influence

Baidu ranking is not like the PR value, there is a standard, in fact, the most important is nothing more than two points: that is the original plus the chain. Great effect of online rumors in A5 included the soft paper, published by soft in high weight site to improve the site’s ranking seems a foregone conclusion. As the saying goes, "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.". A few days ago, I have nothing else to do, just do secretarial chowder network is difficult, Baidu included give good ranking, before long, ranked on the back page one or two, hard to understand, they want to send a soft, add addition chain, soft power combat test. So I even made a change to the "I do secretarial hodgepodge website" experience: can no wife, but not without the website.


was published is about more than seven points Saturday night, A5 has a review period, it also happened to edit online, published just over seven, thanks to the A5 editor, Saturday to work overtime, I review a small draft. This small manuscript gets many stationmaster comrade’s favour, a lot of still undertake reprint, express gratitude here.

A5 is certainly not the common people, is the webmaster of the elite, the office of the site is of course a boutique in the boutique, a sudden increase in the number of my secretarial chowder network high quality of the chain of saying no, of course for me, my main purpose has not reached the water will release? Improve my Baidu

ranking?In fact, Baidu

this time busy and chaotic, estimation of server adjustment, make the Internet a jittery. My website is a secretarial chowder boat in the sea, no expert introduction, this Baidu is not to see the ship, or is said to see, only think of no significance. But so many high quality websites also reprinted the articles in this article. As a result, Baidu began to look at the station, and at about eleven o’clock in the evening, released my secretary hodgepodge website rankings, given a high weight.

later reflection is high ranking is not soft brought? I don’t know I do stand, the design of secretarial chowder network is rubbish, but also with ASP, unlike some stations all modern, ha ha, I want to have an expert to help me. I do not do this period of time flow, and no brush ranking, the article also made a lot of original, and did not do the chain. There is no doubt that the soft Wen to solve the weight problem, the interpretation of the real legend. Reprinted please note: Secretary chowder network, some websites cited this article, get rid of my secretary chowder web site, some not authentic.

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