A good website is a comprehensive skill

Since I started doing

www.zgzhyh.com, always think to do good things on the finished site, I did not expect that later update to the website will need a lot of time, but also want to make a station in the search engine rankings, update, outside the chain that is the essential things, calculated to do good. The station, a station even more than many. Therefore, to do technical breakthroughs in the station, the rest is just propaganda and promotion should do, but also to do every day, insist on doing. This will be able to do a web site, if simply hang up to the Internet, then do not have to stand. It was of no effect. So, do a good job standing, daily work is on the A5, on the BBS, publicity their website, every day down, the real spare time is really not much, and also from time to time relax yourself.

write SE0 me I can write soft article I learn the experience of SE0, soft Wen promotion as an important way of promotion, the most important thing is to often write soft inspiration and inspiration come from continuous learning in it, which is why some people racked my brain juice could not write a good soft Wen, and some people own a gifted pen.

do SEO, every day with some of the pre row site to analyze, so I say, do not stand, but the technology is so simple, but a comprehensive process.

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