3 years of brewing the success of personal blog

three years, from the beginning of 2008 to do a completely independent personal blog, 2011 also seeks the hair tried impulse, but due to various reasons, eventually give up. In August of this year, I finally made up my mind to learn about website operation and blog, and thus rekindled the idea that I wanted to build a blog of my own.

actually, before, I have established network marketing team with some friends. I have set up websites, forums and so on. This is also under their influence, I am going to build personal blogs independently.

in the preparation stage, I spent a week to find and learn various well-known personal blogs, such as the source of the Yangtze River, Changqing’s blog, also took the initiative to learn the network marketing, network marketing, e-commerce and other related knowledge, through a week of study, accumulated a lot of knowledge for me, also roughly know a good blog need how to start, and the success and several more well-known domestic bloggers became friends, together to exchange experiences, learn from each other, a few steps below I talk about the blog’s success:

first, accurate positioning is the first step in blogging success

through a week of learning, I realized that there must be an accurate and clear positioning before the blog was built. It was a crucial step and a first step for the success of a personal blog. How to locate it, after careful analysis and research, found that the success of the blog, his content positioning is with blogger professional, ability related content, as the main body of blog.


according to their knowledge structure, working environment, I set up their own blog theme, so as to determine the main contents of my personal blog, because I had been working in everything from e-commerce and Internet marketing, and later did the related operation and management of small and medium-sized enterprises, the best e-commerce and network marketing and planning operation; therefore positioning my personal blog is small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce and network marketing planning and operation.

secondly, the eye-catching column is the key to the success of blogging

is the most let me choose which column headache, learning a lot of blog plus a few days finishing, my column finally finalized, are e-commerce, network promotion, website operation, SEO, SEO, SEO on the basis of resources, a webmaster, give me a message, comment.

third is a stable and secure blogging program,

stable and secure blog program is the foundation of the establishment of a personal blog, after I check in online, understand the current free and efficient blog are mainly zblog and WordPress, but these 2 kinds of procedures for the use of the most people, but also the best evaluation, finally, after repeated testing, screening I chose WordPress, and download a suitable template in its official website, and many in the help of friends, the "

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