The road to get together the expectation of Google AdSense

The whole process of the development of

is not to say, and believe that most of the webmaster experience, design, encoding, test and constantly make adjustments, see I think even a personal development from a technical perspective, the use of some version control tools and automatic build tool is necessary, after all their efforts. We must ensure that the security code, that your hard drive is broken is a very troublesome thing, you can consider the code on the Internet every day, or other backup to disk, but I have two computer, one to do the development, do a server and Vss server; previous development time CCNET make use of build tools in the company, when the customer uses the msbuild Baidu, plus msbuild commuity tasks project basically can solve 99% problems, since The tool will provide a good way to regularly publish your system, one click fix for you to save a lot of time, and do not make mistakes, I had experienced no automatic tool release system, especially for the need to compile the platform, it is not really very tired.

after nearly 3 months of hard work, baidu off prototypes, there are some basic functions, you can find friends, can leave a message, you can also listen to music, you can also share bookmarks like, waiting for the release, on their own on-line system is upbeat full of hope; while on the system write your own optimism, but did not do too much investment, partly because of their less money, the other party knows the Internet, deep water, and did not find the case of profit model to make investment is not conducive to the long-term development of the site, got peanut shell, for a day only a few people visit the site has been basically enough, he also secretly want to 2008 to develop, mainly is to continue to improve the system function and the rich website user experience. In 2009, the system must be hosted. There was no ceremony, or even the official line of the day.


system is finally on the line, people registered as a primary problem, find former colleagues over the registration, his wife also find their friends to register, really thank those who originally registered friends, there are a few remain active friends, often come to see, as I continue to do provide power is not small. In order to pull over to a lot of social bookmarking sites had to register, to Baidu Post Bar posts, basically have little effect, the effect is not obvious, the diglog site is also good, had one day over 70 or 80 people came to visit, but did not last long, quickly fell to quannei, I made a post, from time to time from there will come to some traffic, after all the quannei are mostly entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to focus more, but quannei soon fell, no money is suffering, here also hope quan>

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