The ten most noteworthy websites abroad in 2011

Google early in 2 and a half years ago it claimed to have completed one trillion website search included URL, in the face of such a vast network and web site, this year you are not with us BirdUser as bird entangled in the website and what to pay attention to what foreign new products?, OK, Mashable for our election race and recommended 10 the site of concern.

1. Kickstarter, a creative idea fundraising platform


Kickstarter is an innovative idea trading platform dedicated to supporting and motivating innovative, creative, creative activities. Through the Internet platform to raise money to the public, so that creative people may get the funds they need in order to make their dreams possible. This type of trading platform, the bird net has been introduced, OpenInvo innovative ideas and creative market, in Kickstarter, you can take the shape you have achieved products put up, if there are people who are interested in seeing, he will give you investment, helping to establish the company etc.. And in OpenInvo, your idea doesn’t need you to implement it at all. You just have to document and submit the idea.

KickStarter platform mode of operation is relatively simple and effective: users of the platform party is eager to create a sense of innovation and creative people, the other party is willing to fund their people, and then witness the new invention creation of new products. Creative activities on the KickStarter site include music, web design, graphic design, animation, writers, and all the activities that have the power to create and influence others. Information sources -Josh, Catone, Features, Editor

2. OpenLeaks open information disclosure site


OpenLeaks (open decryption) is a web site similar to wikileaks. The website WikiLeaks by former employee Daniel · domscheidt; · Berg. The long-term goal of this site is to build a strong, transparent platform that supports informants in two areas of technology and politics. At the same time, encourage others to start implementing the same project. OpenLeaks by Wikileaks, former employees of the German Daniel · domscheidt; · Berg (Daniel Domscheit-Berg), but Daniel stressed that the idea and his website WikiLeaks is completely different, OpenLeaks will not directly release information, but the information released by others. Daniel understood Julian, · Assange (>

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