Why is the road of local forum operation full of thorn

as a webmaster or a web site operator, you must first do market analysis and then decide whether to do a website, do stand the purpose of course is to profit, to make money, and many places in dire straits forum is struggling even spiders, facing the collapse of choice. This forum also allows local operators of brains, powerless, face a variety of problems you can solve them? Can you dissatisfied with thorns ahead of the City ride the wind and waves? There is a very famous Forum: Hefei forum, must have a lot of friends have heard of this forum, but in addition to the local forum, there are many other the type of the local forum, but there is not much known, not many people know, was gradually submerged in the internet. The local forum wants to succeed, must do the place first, but the road is very difficult.

NO1: competitors are too strong,

the city local forum Hefei forum only high popularity, other types of forums are far inferior to the Hefei forum, web site operators to do such sites in thinking, we should first analyze the competitor’s information, the so-called know ourselves victorious. Although not victorious, but take the egg stone in vain, like the face of the Hefei forum for strong competitors, unless your resources and strength can be more than the opponent. Otherwise, or do not do such a local forum, the local forum resources and markets have been very limited, a small cake, a few people on the left. Operation site and SEO is the same reason, not blind impulse to act, often will let you into chaos, calm analysis of your competitors, find their own strengths and weaknesses, weaknesses is to win the king.

NO2: profit model bottlenecks encountered

I often hang out in Hefei forum, Hefei forum in advertising for the main income, rental advertising is the main site of many profitable way, the success of a local forum in the local visibility is very high. Therefore, the local businesses are basically willing to advertise in the forum, as far as the price is concerned, such a profit model will always encounter bottlenecks, after all, the limited number of local businesses. In addition to advertising revenue, local forums and other profit or a means? As the membership fees, investment products, local and local B2C group purchase, which can be extended, specific or to see their own strength and the local market. Forums generally cover all aspects of life, such as: wedding, property, home, parents, etc., can also work with these businesses or companies to tap more profitable channels. Advertising revenue should not be the most important form of profit for a forum. Of course, it must have its own fist products or services.

NO3: the input cost is too large,

local forum in the early operation can be summed up in two words: burn money, it is said that the Hefei forum also burned millions of people before so well-known, local website is the most core way of promotion or offline

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