Swamp lake an outsider looking at medical SEO

with Baidu for medical SEO continuously blow, recently many medical SEOer more and more love complaining, even a little inclined to revenge on society, it is not a good thing, as a medical SEO has been declining SEOer, but there are a lot of medical SEO friends, today to talk about personal views the medical SEO.

to say why Baidu medical SEO crackdown so much, but in fact, the reasons are caused by nothing more than such a few.

first: you small hospitals, clinics, what, and its own hardware and software facilities are incomplete. The so-called hardware, that is, sites, medical equipment, and so on, the so-called software, refers to a variety of professional qualifications, as well as doctors, nurses and other professional qualities. At least as far as I know, in the medical disaster caused by flooding water SEO era, small clinics and went to the Baidu home page is not.

second: the world article a big copy, medical SEO is copied from each other to copy, copy the fierce. Many people in the industry say that the medical and mechanical SEO is the main force in the "network garbage maker", and that is not without reason. To say the so-called professional knowledge of the medical profession, with machinery industry product knowledge, and many changes can toss about? SEOer in order to cater to Baidu, making network rubbish continuously (to be honest, cause like this now, Baidu really can not shirk its responsibility, but Baidu’s integrity really nervous, looking for a microscope can not find out).

third: there is a lot of information about fraud on the website. Many diseases have been exaggerated, and many treatment effects have been deified. In order to attract their patient to the hospital, what no integrity way think out, infinite deify himself hospital "experts", slander competitors, what means to the poor. The industry environment is a for profit streams of people busily coming and going, true erosion.

in this environment, Baidu recorded a heavy attack, the medical SEO smashed a big hit, and then connect a combination of boxing, pain Daluoshuigou, the medical industry is actually playing SEO bleeding drift scull, during that time the crackdown, don’t know how much a medical site became a pile of no the value of network rubbish. But even if the environment is so bad, there are still a lot of medical SEOer doing well.

SEO see those who are still struggling in the mire of medical health SEOer, but can not help but want to ask a question: if you have enough ability and experience and don’t want to give up the medical SEO, the medical industry SEO why not successful people learn, to find some reliable hospitals, with their own ability and experience in the medical industry firmly based on SEO? If you really had enough medical attitude to medical SEO and Baidu SEO, then rely on your ability to experience and exercise, where it does not leave you


advise those who are still in the medical SEO industry

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