Using nternet advertising to manage talent websites

manages the talented person website by the network advertisement science mentality, must understand first advertisement’s important expression way – media. All webmasters understand the nature of the Internet medium.

network media, we all know that the nature of the large platform, interactive nature, open nature, and through nature are the characteristics of network media.

The reason why

refers to the network media is a large platform nature, mainly because of its unique diversity. Each now has a site, or are ready to station owners, from here to subdivide, you will know that we have a lot of work to do. First understand the technology platform of network media. Network media is a media dominated by technology. It breaks the function that television can accept information passively to the audience; broadcasting can only be heard without seeing; newspapers and magazines can only read. The network media integrates all of these resources. It has the characteristics of openness, freedom, independence and individuation. It is the first thing we should pay attention to when we operate the website.

goes on to talk about the unique interactive features of the internet. If a web site as a unit, then the network has the interaction between institutions; if to a topic group as a unit, whether it is the debate between groups or mutual agreement, this is the interactive network between groups; if in some instant messaging platform, and a human interaction.

open nature. The open nature of the Internet is, first of all, the opening of information that every web user is enjoying. The second is the opening of the exchange process. Whether it’s between a web user, a web site, or between a web site and a web site, all of its information is completely open.

understood the above, and a very clear structure came into our minds. Whether we do SEO optimization, or do network sales and operation. We already understand the structure of Internet users. For example, to open, for example, what people like what kind of Web site, browse what kind of information, the length of time online, etc., do these segments, the webmaster’s target crowd appeared. Every webmaster tries his best to do everything on his website, but what we want to do is to do everything to target people, not to all Chinese netizens. Then, on the basis of our own Internet users’ goals, the webmaster should consider our website and how to make Internet users browse and use the functions and services of the website more than once. One example is that in order to improve the flow of websites now recruit many writers, and these words largely due to restrictions on the number of words, the starting point of the writing itself, although to a wide range, and the original, is trying to capture the search engine. However, as part of the SEO optimization, it is difficult for us to have a deep expression of our website and the excavation of our own resources. This requires the webmaster of the talent website to further excavate the resources of their website. For example: the use of SMS interest in this favorable mobile phone platform, you can do job seekers for real-time job information release. And such a release, >

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