The characteristics of the development direction of the archetype of the offbeat website

Hello everyone, today I want to bring you the unique development of offbeat website, believe that many webmaster have talked about how the industry website, website, Taobao products and so on customer site to development, and development of offbeat website may also be familiar with this article is to explain how to open up the development of a unique way of offbeat website, hope to be able to love the webmaster friends.

I recently launched a website of the riddles, you know this website traffic from users are basically accurate search, and let the site get considerable development requires some offbeat methods, my riddles website

this site was on the line for more than 1 months, every day now has 2, 30 of the traffic flow, although not much but I feel very satisfied with the development of the road, here I share my development of this website offbeat riddles. Since it is a riddle website, then our website will focus on "the riddle" two words, so I will be the site of the column are replaced with the riddle column, you can see my website, very interesting, but the correlation is not bad


you can see my website can satisfy the needs, and these needs can bring more traffic to the site and PV, I think this kind of offbeat website column should be based on the central theme website.


have relatively high correlation within the column, I still set up a website dedicated to sharing function, this function is not only open for website polish, more is to drive through the user’s Web site reputation started to share, although traffic is not much, but I firmly believe that as long as I try to share along the road, so the site’s fame and flow will become increasingly loud.


After the

website has many sharing features, I also adhere to the new riddle website is updated daily, construction of these riddles are edited in the books, I bought a Book of puzzles, then every day according to the words of the book will be edited to their website the riddle, I think through this the method is not only to ensure that the original article, can ensure the smooth flow of riddles, now many riddles riddles in the web sites on the Internet are not accurate, so that the user may see after the first feeling is not much, but a long time will naturally think this website is boring.


site is now a riddle of this small ads, my website development for more than a month, some people asked me to do advertising, 100 yuan a month, I think 1 months of 100 to be able to do a what was advertised? May also affect the site’s overall view, so I refused, now my website advertising is not a riddle, although the site has not been profitable, but.

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