The closure of the site minon recovery xiangdao com toothpaste Shuangpin domain name transaction

renamed Chinese ( November 5th news, recently, the domain name investment circles have multiple phonetic domain to complete the transaction, including boutique. The gold and silver island @ domain investors sold in 2010 6 digit Recovery Wizard; the 6 digit constellation house owners to buy "toothpaste"

: screenshot of page

domain name registered in September 13, 2005, the domain name has "guide, Township Road, Elephant Island" and other meanings, suitable for building tourism websites, shopping guide websites, etc.. The terminal of the same name has a It is understood that the gold and silver island in 2010 with 6 digit price will be the domain name to travel ticketing website "guide network", the site has been closed, he ordered the domain recovery of gold and silver.

In 2000

registered the domain name, "toothpaste, Accor, Deigo" meaning, which relates to the "terminal Accor" Accor hotels, Accor mining, Accor bus etc.. "Toothpaste" as a daily necessities, more commercial value, the terminal involved is even more numerous. domain name has been built Accor Gift network. It is understood that the domain name in September had previously been trading at 5 Figure prices.

addition, the recent acquisition of "Dongguan" and "Dongguan," the domain name, also in the recent transactions, buyers are well-known Dongguan local website forum of Liaobu station 2F.

in addition, there are domain enthusiasts @ bear shopkeeper, 6 digit acquisition of the good car loan, the domain name is suitable for building car loan platform, financial platform, etc.. Terminals involved in a good car loan, the official website domain name

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