Small owners why rice and vegetable roll is hard to stand up


writes the title of the article, it is expected to have some controversy, but some of the key things might come up with ideas and directions for future development. The small owners are generally divided into three kinds of students, occupation webmaster webmaster, amateur webmaster, the definition of the three types of owners believe that needless to say we all understand, so today we will talk about is why small owners cannot in today’s Internet arena to break their own piece of heaven and earth. Personal summary of the following reasons:

1 limited energy, limited technology,

most of the webmaster are not very technical, operating a web site is not necessarily webmaster, technology is good, but the technology will be much easier. Personal webmaster do stand most consideration is how to enrich website content, the webmaster choose a little lazy to collect a little hard, Adsense will choose to manually update themselves or open forum for users to update, but a station from content updates, technical support, graphic design, publicity planning to get one station then, the energy is certainly very busy. So personal Adsense do station, general is very painful, suggest or set up team for website operation.

2 positioning is not allowed,

I have contacted many webmaster, there are many often ask me his website how to locate, how to promote what, I want to say is that these problems are not you should ask now, but before doing the station should ask. Domestic webmasters have a lot of impulse to go to the website, do do, confused, lost the direction, and do not know where to develop. The site location determines the direction of future development of the website and profit orientation, so in the establishment of the site before the webmaster should do the investigation and statistical analysis to locate their own website, so wait to do when there is only to the direction of efforts, from the actual exposure to the station I found actually positioning good webmaster rarely give up halfway.

3 has no features, no selling points,


site is not many features not because he did not want to have, due to technical limitations, most owners will choose some free open source web application to build your own website, the current domestic threshold site has been popular, basically built with a simple software installation site, this will cause the site to quantify. Many websites will choose to modify or templates to look special, in fact, a skin site characteristic doesn’t mean your appearance, but your web application mode, the core of the whole website if you are not the same with others, will highlight in many sites.

secondly, many sites do not sell, this is a very important factor in the early positioning, the site does not sell points, it can not attract fixed and stable user base. In many resource websites, some of the resources that are hard to get are the selling points of the website, and so do other websites, so you must find the selling point of your website and the profit point in the future.

4 promotes optimization problems

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