How do individuals operate local portal sites up to 10 thousand P

slowly development site, slowly waiting for the day to see the Baidu included, especially pity, this is stationmaster should be the law of life? Yesterday contacted a netizen for his site, even the daily 10 thousand IP, and Links are hundreds of thousands of stations, how is this going? Quietly developed site, see every day there are 10 thousand IP traffic, is really strong ah, how to do every 10 thousand IP? Under my lobbying, he still revealed some key information. I am not willing to write an article, for everyone to share, expect all site can do this, do this figure represents a small fortune.

is now in many parts of the portal site, in order to attract more local users and businesses, mostly in the use of the flow of the brush IP, traffic is up, but there are some false information, nor with the development of the site a little help, no key promotion, no increase in search engines. When there is open daily website statistics, see the 4 digit data flow. I ears steal the bell with these data with the customer to business, is to eat a.

local information portal contains a wide range, a lot of information can be included, so the search engines is normal, how can the local portal do every day tens of thousands of traffic, which requires the authenticity of information on the site must be strong, can not have the existence of false information, there is going to contact some intermediary and some friends of marriage, let them put their information to the site, of course, the early release of all free, and personal information such as rental marriage can give intermediary to, so as to extract some profit.

site traffic is slowly accumulated, can not eat a big fat man, unless there is a large company to join, it is possible to local overnight by the public support, it also requires a lot of advertising and a lot of manpower support, local portal webmaster and said, who have so much generous? Consult carefully, the friend said, in fact, this site development for five years, slowly accumulate popularity, slowly increase the amount of information increases, although progress is slow, but every piece of information is true and effective, not false information, and membership is real data.

is the most important point in the past five years, the owners always update the site every day as in the past, all pay attention to the website information each day, as long as there is a netizen to register, to confirm the authenticity of the information, the owners do not like the other owners everywhere to publish their own advertising, not every day to which large websites Link Exchange, but unknown to the public work of his own site… If to say how to achieve every day tens of thousands of local site traffic, not a short duration of time can achieve the required precision, more input, only the input will have more returns, see this article webmaster will certainly be disappointed this thought, "

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