An excellent website activity planning you should know four aspects

website operation process, by doing activities, gathering popularity is very common operating practices. In general, do activities by discount, price, marketing, manufacturing, push new bundled festivals, sweepstakes or complimentary activities etc., whether the content of the novel is not to say, most of the time a campaign down no effect, serious impact on the follow-up activities to promote confidence. There are many reasons, but this article does not go into details. The author believes that any activity planning, we evaluate the objectives of this activity should be evaluated from at least four aspects of their activities design ideas:

1, are there many target groups involved in such activities planning?


website activities, in determining the UV value we want to achieve, we need to assess their own activities, creativity is more likely to be accepted by their own target groups of websites. At the same time, be aware of the coverage areas, age, hobbies, and behavior characteristics of the target groups.

2, such activities planning, target users involved in the complex,


activity serves the purpose of the site’s operations, but the content of the activity is used to stimulate the participation of the target user. You plan the activities of the content is too cumbersome, user participation will weaken; you design content is very participatory, but to fill in too much information, but also hinder the user’s participation.

3, such activities planning, awards design objective and fair,


used a iPhone mobile phone to send, then everyone berserk, do this now, many people will first ask "this is really a"? "Or think this looks nothing remarkable". Therefore, in the award design and selection of awards, must be visible and fair, so that users feel that this award is true, and his efforts will be touched slightly.

4, such activities planning, users willing to spread it,


do activities, if simply to draw money for the lottery, it lost the value of investment. There should be cost considerations for each activity, and there should also be communication value. Such an activity has the qualities of good activity. The service of Whampoa  shares school website last October mid-autumn National Day sweepstakes to send tablet computer, this event is purely to the foot of the nouveau riche, although the activities of reason, and we have the probability of getting a hit the golden egg prizes, but it has made more than four points wrong, money has no effect in activities popular criticism.

of course, in addition to the above points, a site activity planning, and other aspects of attention, such as the user to accept the activity must have certain benefits, such as cash, before popular activities such as sending iPhone; honor to participate in this event to give great self satisfaction; as strange, this is too much fun, a curious nature of certain, promote users to try. Not here one by one.

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