How should the network combine the deep development of industry

a portal requires a lot of manpower to put it together, for some small sites to profit through the network, into a lot of webmaster headache.

is now more and more sites and industry combined, but this thing is simple, it is to consider a lot of things, whether it is the type of site, or industrial projects, I think since it is through the network, then the site must give people a sense of bright eyes. Industrial things, coupled with the network of knowledge, will give people a sense of mastery, which can enhance the popularity of the site. There is only one purpose, that is to say, an industrial creative station, which can attract people when it extends to the internet. In industry, the creative threshold is low, but readability is

is much better than network creativity.

on the Internet to see and pull a lot of related articles, the network with industry combination, give me the deepest impression, there are a few good examples, and I hope to help you:

1. sells adult products, though it may be sensitive, but it is also a trend in the future.

2. lottery lottery website, why is it so hot in the site for a reason, for local site cooperation, because the payment network speed the development of convenient, many people go to the investment recovery network poll vote, buy now can be said to be very popular.

3. provides services to the site, such as I saw a lot of school forums, such as room service and so on, and even can chain to more schools, we should believe that there is always a return to pay.

4. training institutions recruit students site, like I recently to others do a site, the webmaster idea is through enrollment to profit, and, like some big training institutions, I don’t give an example pull.

5. local information site with practical examples, such as local information site with local information release mechanism of cooperation, laying an information circle, institutions can be an intermediary, such as housing intermediary intermediary, such as marriage, should be a lot of cooperation.

said many examples, I think many people would have a better idea, I want to tell you is not the site can only earn money online, make money network and industrial alliance, combined, is today through the network of people’s survival way, but with many opportunities, if you look carefully, looking for business opportunities, you will find a way to profit for themselves.

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