How do the new webmaster sort out your station mentality

at present, the economic crisis is spreading all over the world, and China has also suffered heavy losses in the economic crisis. On the Internet this child has also appeared more and more network entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in various forms of a shop selling things on the Internet, to help others to post maintenance sites on the Internet, then private live on the Internet, have their own operating station, and even some video chat on the road……. In short, a wide variety of forms are, here I simply talk about their own ideas for operating websites.

want to take private live online in words, it is a good choice, but you have to have enough strength, not the strength of the words as well as their own services, put their own good service, so that your strength is also accumulated can take private life. About posting maintenance site is also a good job, and now many webmaster in the recruitment of part-time editor or post clerk, for the network is not very proficient, you can choose this way to earn some extra income. At the same time, in the process of doing, you can learn something that other webmasters have not learned, so that both increased knowledge and income. Oh ^_^ also is to open a shop on the Internet, some business entity products, actually this is good, as long as you have enough competitive supply, and then put these things after you carefully to the Internet is also a good barber whole. I have a friend who is a plush toy, and her online sales is good, every day there are about 100 yuan of net income. Finally, I want to talk about those who operate their own network of friends on the network. There are many advantages of running a small station. One is the experience you can accumulate websites and editing the site, because many of them need your own hands; the two is to exercise your website promotion, website construction after you will promote your web site, how to promote your website has become the primary task to do you do website after three; when your site traffic can do some advertising alliance can also lay a foundation for their own e-commerce. Oh, yes,


operates a website must do is to construct a belong to your own website, this website is of course from your thoughts as close as possible, so that your mind can reflect the integrity on this website. This would like to work, you need a little program base, if not, then find a friend who knows to help you do it, ha ha, general business website friends understand, most of them programmers or artists.

the next thing to do is edit your station and promote your station. In this step, if you are not a programmer or an artist, then you will be more efficient, and of course, this is not absolute. Because a website launched in the first step has been to infrastructure construction finished, if you are more than two kinds of technology you need to beautify your potential or improve your station, so you have to stay in the first step, the site also did not have the opportunity to spread and let more people know the. So my advice is, since you’re doing it alone, stop giving up something. I used to be a programmer too

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