How to do keywords in two days ranking first in Google


the day before yesterday I opened the blog: Liang; network topics:; network observation: three blog, a look at today, the network ranking has risen to the first in a short time Google, stable on the first page, Liang blog network observation also wandering between third to fourth, which is undoubtedly more firm I continue to do SEO confidence.

before also wrote some blogs, but always flow is not enough, this time also inadvertently see Mou evergreen predecessors about blog promotion experience, I decided to try to do it yourself first. After repeated comparison, selected topics for network, network observation and Liang blog three words, is intended to see which one is better, so open three blogs to watch for, not to the three child is really disappointing, hereintroduces I this two days to do what.

first, I think it is very important to select keywords, before I also considered the network promotion, network marketing and other popular keywords, but that is the God of their territory, I novice only the second, choose the network on the next step is to choose the content, construction, since it is on, I’ll pick some network popular editing copy, each article keyword set can be put in place.

is the second part of Beida, since almost made behind closed doors, a mule is a horse should pull out yo, so I chose the station network, iResearch released several article, "the blog was the first day of Baidu, Google included experience" has attracted wide attention. In a number of local BBS websites, is made for my blog ranking distinctions won in battle.

third I think Links is very important, because I am a novice SEO, so no contacts in the industry cyber source is very good, so also to exchange links, so I have three blog links to each other is composed of a little league, thinking about the Three Stooges against Zhu Geliang I did not dare to think at least, people more power, isn’t it. (if you do not mind my younger brother, traffic is low, the younger brother of three blog resources to seek exchange links)

finally I think patience is very important, need to update the blog persevere, not three minutes, and the best to write something original, I can only talk about some superficial have little talent and less learning, personal opinion, hope you would not hesitate to enlighten me, shed tears of gratitude.

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