Classification information website user analysis

one, classified information website user

merchants (including businesses and intermediaries)

home users (people who live in their own cities or places)

outside personnel (relative to family)

two, classification website users release information nature ratio

network platform as the analysis object: it has: Housing asked Wu (22000), flea market (16000), integrated services (3000), education (1700), job (7000), dating (2500), other classification (1500) classification, the information released by the company and individual supply the information in the demand information about the proportion: 10:1.

business supply information is divided into two categories: enterprises, businesses and individual businesses, this proportion is more difficult to determine, because the role is easy to change and confusion, but the proportion of individuals and businesses larger than business enterprises. In the amount of information released, you can see that housing leasing, daily commodity transactions, recruitment, job search is the three major categories of information.

three major sources of information are: rental housing – outside staff; daily commodity transactions – home users; job recruitment – business and outside personnel

three, classification site user base, geographical location,

from the site of the release of information, can be seen in the distribution of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou users: (a market) -à Wuhan Hangzhou Shenzhen Tianjin (market two) à the other city (three markets).

but from the provinces of information ports and local classification of nature, websites and channels, there are many classified information users in each province, basically the same number of Internet users in each province. Here shows that the classification of information, professional website development potential is still great.

four, classified information website profit model prediction,

1, the value chain of classified information

user requirements: businesses [supply] and individual [requirements].

dissemination: (online, offline, other media) information feedback, trading,

each link features

user requirements: the need for information to be published by businesses and the need for personal access to information. Both motives are profit and meet their own needs, just a standard market trading motivation. This highlights the variability of the user identity of classified information, because each person’s role is different on different occasions. Also shows that this market is in line with the laws of the market economy, that is, the prospects for development.

release: different forms of publication determine the spread of the different forms. Here is one of the places where there is a potential for improvement and improvement. Everyone’s information >

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