How do industry websites deal with competitors’ copying and copying

The phenomenon of imitation and plagiarism in

exists in all walks of life, especially in our Internet industry. As a webmaster, we are accustomed to and like to imitate, but also afraid of competitors websites imitate ourselves, our website is often in this contradiction in the process of development. There are also many websites in China, although they have been imitated, but have never been surpassed. The author summed up some of the characteristics of such sites to share with you, exactly how the site to imitate and copy competitors.

1, discover your own features. Feature is not abstract, not talking about half an hour. Characteristics are specific things, people have what I do not have, it is characteristic. Features are the premise of plagiarism and imitation, your website has characteristics, can attract users, your competitors are likely to copy you. Features can be tapped into the needs of users at a deeper level; features can also be given to users through your unique resources or strengths; features can also be unique content presentation methods. In short, features are your best weapon to defeat your competitors and a necessary condition to differentiate between you and your competitors.

2, the characteristics will always be implemented, the characteristics into a culture. Features can be established at the early stage of the site, and can also be excavated and discovered during the operation of the website. Once the website features are established, it is essential to implement this feature in the overall development of the website, including the follow-up function development and daily operation, and should appropriately use the website features. Once this feature affects your users for a long time, it will evolve into a culture and atmosphere. This characteristic evolution may eventually become a word, or it may be a feature formed in the process of accumulation. Enterprises need corporate culture, and websites need website culture as well. Just as a well-known website in the country defines itself as "being imitated, never surpassed", this is a culture.

3, better execution than competitors. Imitation requires execution, and avoidance of imitation also requires strong execution. Make your features and ideas more detailed and refined through strong execution. Even if you are imitated, make your competitors work harder. If your competitors are a little slack, or a little technical negligence, you can not achieve the results you have. Strong execution is a necessary condition to ensure that your website is more durable than competitors and that it can stand out in the competitive environment. We are not difficult to find, many of the industry’s original web site template, may be due to its own technology and time, the template is not delicate enough, many details have not been dealt with well. But after competitors get, and through their efforts and pay, the template will be inadequate to make all the changes, so that users think that is the original copy of the imitators, and plagiarism is not in place.

4, persistent thinking, in front of the opponent. As a webmaster, we can not praise our efforts. But if we climb all the way to the top of the ladder, we find the ladder

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