Do local portal experience exchange

actually, I do today is the portal site of Taizhou is two months, but my advertising revenue is by leaps and bounds, a monthly income of more than 20000, my Baidu included only a few pages (of course I want a little more Baidu included), some content is collected, how do I get rich under the operation? Just a few months to my experience and exchange:

did more than a year to do the station, in addition to a few personal websites have been successful, but has not been involved in the construction of integrated portal. As the unit is mixed seven website several negative Posts gotten out of hand, leading in a rage, decided to build a station, the company’s fundamental policy to the people of the city to make a report to our good deeds to the people of the city report, so I was in charge of publicity unit, came in handy.

do local portals, I first thought of building a forum nature, not long after the station built, the beginning is mainly to attract popularity. Fortunately, our propaganda position more, station, wharf, including Internet cafes placed on both our Taizhou today website banner ads, today Taizhou welcomes you like a spring breeze immediately caused a shock in Taizhou network.

three points do station, seven points promotion. Need is with a team, including me, only three people, I was pulling ads, one is writing posts, one is typing, a male and two female, peihemoqi. We need advertisers to advertise, and I’m going to call them one by one in the newspaper, because I think there are large numbers of people who can go to the newspaper. There is advertising, and some psychological preparation, to say something bad, is cheeky, not afraid of what people say, do not be afraid of being rejected. Some people say the unit, this is like looking for a girlfriend, have the courage to pursue, there must be a Qierbushe spirit. Because today’s Taizhou site was built early, many people do not understand, some advertisers often look at the station, and more people watching. Anyway idle is idle, I said: text ads is free, but the picture advertisements need to charge some production costs, you don’t do it now or never mind, I put your ad free put up, after you think we Taizhou today website has value, you come to us, a friend road well. In fact, you call and discuss what is a kind of advertising, advertising, I make a phone call, is tantamount to a message on my website, many people never know to know, never willing to be willing to do, with only two months. To do advertising, do not press too tight. After all, you should pay from your pocket, so you should be patient enough to be a salesman. Your website is big enough, the traffic is too much, you will sit on the door, others naturally give you the money.

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