From my movie theater to watch the station Feihong movie website in the future to do

I am 09 years beginning in March the site, although 02 years learning asp programming, then also do a ASP system, but to the school laboratory, passed in the past years, he has been engaged in the work of other industries, not much understanding of the network, until 09 years, feel free time a lot of idle is wasted, and began to focus on the Internet, began to pick up the ASP want to do website. See a lot of information on the Internet, to understand the field of webmaster, know legend hao123 (Despise Yourself), also know that time A5, the laggards, such as cnzz, is that Americans don’t know Washington, the French don’t know Napoleon.

for such a seems to be what all don’t know what new station? I don’t know what to say. I understand the point of technology, DW, PS, ASP all know a little, after all, had learned, so my little advantage is technology to understand the point of fur, so literally next CMS can quickly do a site, online search, also can get many ready-made source, especially some very good CMS are open source, so the technology does not appear to be a problem, even if the points to the forum, Baidu to find the answer, it can basically solve, while web design is not what next, but others get a template, see source or know some modifications, summed up so much, the biggest problem is to do what station? All the webmaster friends all know, do people, traffic is the biggest entertainment websites, movies, games And music, like SNS, I have specifically looked for Chinese Top100 website, the vast majority are entertainment, that is to say this kind of website, it should flow quickly, of course there is a big problem is that too many people do, too much competition.

no matter so much, anyway idle is idle, so he got Marx’s program to do (not to advertise Marx Oh, because ASP it seems that Marx is also good, PHP I don’t know), procedures, source? The early years of the movie website are their own tablet on their own servers, remember 03 years when I watch movies, but also pay a monthly subscription fee to see clearly the good film. At this time it is not a problem, because of the P2P technology, such as qvod, P2P and a lot of resources on the Internet, to learn the network resources acquisition, the film production well, with a few, soon will do the movie station. Then bought the domain name, he spent a good idea, every night movie (yeyedy) good remember domain name, who knows this domain name was previously Baidu K, seems to have been used to do color station, depressed. So buy domain name friends must first do enough effort, check the domain name first, there is no case bottom ah.


website for a few months, traffic is not large, from dozens, hundreds to thousands, spent a long time, and even write to Baidu have tried, only slowly have included, are themselves do not understand, only to go to several places to do Forum >

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