Dai Zhikang 2009 years of nternet webmaster message

"stationmaster" magazine: a total Hello! This is Comsenz (Comsenz) combined with the laggards (Im286) at the fourth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster, is also the birth of 8th Anniversary Discuz. Facing the upcoming stationmaster annual meeting, what is your deepest feelings? In Comsenz was founded in 8th anniversary on the occasion, and what you want to say

webmaster friends?

Internet industry change rapidly, every practitioner is facing a good market not occur even in a hundred years. By the end of 2009, the number of Internet users in China was close to 300 million, while the Internet penetration rate was only 22%, far below the figure of 70% in developed countries. As a result, the growth rate will increase at least 300 million Internet users in the next 3~5 years, equivalent to recreating an existing size of the Internet market. This is the largest historic opportunity after the steam engine, electricity, telecommunications.

today’s Internet market, with the increasing number of Internet users, common prosperity is just unfolding, personalized, vertical, subdivision, interactive community center is to usher in development opportunities hitherto unknown. Comsenz laggards, with you together, for this opportunity to have waited for 8 years, and today, all this is in sight.

if you use a word to you of words, I want to say: hurry up! Embrace change, glorious waste of shame!

"stationmaster" magazine: 2001 ~ 2009, the eight years, many great Internet Co was born, there are many once brilliant Internet Co have many personal webmaster disappearing; success, there are also many successful webmaster backstage. Would you please tell me, do you think the Internet in China will continue to grow in 2009 and in the future? How do you think the personal webmaster should grasp the development of China’s Internet and seize the favorable opportunities?

the impact of the economic crisis on the traditional industry is self-evident, but the crisis arising from the real estate and financial industry is, to some extent, a greater opportunity for the new economic field. The development of the Internet over the past 10 years in China, really good companies and websites, mostly born in or experienced since 2001 the Internet bubble period, and survive, and today occupies a pivotal position in the market. Thus, in the long run, websites that survive the baptism of the current economic crisis are likely to grow into companies with high growth rates and returns over the next 5 years.

now, the hot money, bubble dispersed, personal webmaster and more Internet companies to start thinking about how to truly create value for customers, instead of "fishing for a quick walk like blind impulse and speculation. But how to grasp the existing unmet needs, in order to provide truly user love service and establish their own competitiveness in segments and vertical areas of the market, is undoubtedly an important subject in front of all personal webmaster. In the past few years, >

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