Hundreds of dollars or so commercial sites where exactly cheaper

many customers asked me why the formal website design for at least two thousand yuan, the highest even tens of thousands, but many web service providers offer is very cheap, more than 1000 dollars, even hundreds of dollars, why the industry has such a disparity in price, cheap cheap in the end where is


first of all, the website function is different, the price is certainly different, complex prices are very high, simple natural low.

then the same functional complexity of the site, why is the price so cheap, in the end cheap where


1, in the use of cheap generic templates, spend a day working hours to find some of the same industry website template, change some pictures, even change the name, address of delivery, take you 800, you must feel cheap value, you know where the cheapest until one day you find on the site there are very similar to you another website web site.

2, not cheap in the survey planning, professional website design is based on the survey planning, only to understand the customer’s industry, customers, competitors, it can be targeted planning website, to reflect the characteristics of the industry, to cater to customers, different from competitors. You can’t expect such a process to be cheap.

3, the use of cheap cheap in the domain name space, if you hear the domain name space is free, certainly seemed value, and is not to say that the domain name space stability and speed will not cause interference to your customers browse confused and impatient. You are second years of service providers to notify you when to renew the domain name space You’ll see. free lunch is not for a long time. As for how much money, God knows whether it is a high price, when you do not give not yet, do not give you the site is waiting to close.

4, cheap in the level of staff design, hire a web editing software will use the workers’ wages and hire a designer salary that is not the same as the same, will use the knife, the doctor and the butcher salary is not the same. Similarly, software is only a tool, and using software does not necessarily represent a certain professional qualification.

5, cheap in the level of programming, similar to the above reason, a good programmer he can guarantee the speed of operation and stable operation of web application, and guarantee the customer information, the prices of products such as commercial secret security.

6, not cheap in the specific design, different companies in different industries website publicity will be different, need to solve some problems with the website customer daily are not the same, for example, if you are a sales agent of a machinery enterprise, so in the network to provide convenient maintenance query function let the customer enjoy very much. And cheap website is commonly "home page, brief introduction, product, connection" four big module.

7, not cheap in the settings for the search engine to search keywords, cheap website is not going to give you a set of search keywords, and you will find your website keyword is actually someone else’s name (with the other company website template results), to >

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