Webmaster sentiment and we talk about website promotion

says a question that everybody cares about, and also about website promotion.

I believe everyone is familiar with this topic, we are also very concerned about this topic, this topic posts and articles to several estimates use Baidu Search pages, the website promotion methods also is everywhere, I am a novice, I don’t want to show off what promotion methods here and we talk about, I just just remember, there is a saying that good, I don’t agree with you, but I will not deprive you of the right to speak. So everybody listen to me, just OK.

The importance of

website promotion to a website, do not believe necessary to elaborate on that. But how to promote, but many webmasters and network companies have been looking for ways and techniques. I don’t know how to promote the site, also don’t know what SEO is, but I know what is the purpose of promotion, that is to get more customers, retain more visitors, the final is to make money, this is my website promotion to achieve the purpose of understanding.

The development of

website not fluctuated IP, but stable customer resources, I believe that no one wants to see the site today to several new visitors, and now visitors will never come to your station, we need is "Sir, you come next time". Potential customers another aspect of the promotion is also looking for the unknown, I mean the potential customers, and not everyone in the QQ group every day several times, dozens or even hundreds of times each URL is not necessary, because the QQ group especially professional web site operators exchange group, SEO group optimization, website promotion group, group of fried rice ah so, everybody is a colleague, you have no hair, everyone gives you a IP how can, if all the 1 billion 300 million Chinese nobody give you a IP after you do not go to the station and get what you didn’t like, tomorrow will not have people go to visit your site, and you in the webmaster circles popularity also greatly discount.

After all,

do personal station network it is very important, this number of people I said, there are an estimated Anhui’s old K group, every day to the site of his hair several times, and finally we got the evening public outrage, the old K is, keep the people doing him K the group, so this is the way to discredit. QQ group promotion, I believe some people tried, perhaps it is effective, but remember not to send every day, nor in the professional QQ group in the hair, this promotion method is very retarded.

promotion for the purpose of obtaining a repeat, not the reputation to discredit. I do not promote the method, is to write some soft Wen, increase the chain, know there is help in the concept of service under the help of my visitors, in order to keep coming back, although I now stand for IP every day is very few, but are fixed, and every day has increased continuously, what is first? I am very satisfied, I and my promotion method, also may be caused by my site types. Not knowing for a while that it was due to the impact of the economic crisis, it was not easy for many graduates to find jobs, or what caused them?

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