New website purchase link notes

to buy links experience: the following experience is only I buy links summarized personal ideas, hope to do new station friends help.

1, link price: PR2-P4 in general between 4 yuan -8 yuan / month, PR4 or more did not buy, but asking price at 30 yuan -60 yuan.

two, Baidu snapshot is not updated every day, there is no PR value, a month 1 dollars do not buy, even if he is only a link on your site.

three, a website on the high weight, PR high, but his link has more than thirty, it is best not to buy, it is bought, the effect is not large, but also spend more money.

four, not petty, to prevent fraud, a high PR, high weight website, the price is cheap, but the links are rarely, usually is a liar, after you pay, will find his website suddenly many dozens or even more links.

five, the site has more than N SF site links, there are more than N WG site links, if you are not a SF network or WG network, please do not buy, otherwise it will backfire,

!Here is the

I bought a lot of links, the site has not been included by:

A few days ago

xianlaiwushi, on a whim to do a small website, let the free development. As usual, the title, description, keywords are planning a (don’t care how many words) website content also increased the number of more or less. But after a period of time, Baidu is still not included, it is not a spider climb over? Helpless, had to go to the bridge, to pave the way for the spider Links.

we all know that Baidu did not include the site is unpopular, then I thought of buying friendship links. Link prices and of course the site’s PR value and in the web site in the weight of Baidu is related, usually you say to do links, nobody pay attention to you, say buy friendship links, QQ message instantly increased to dozens. General website link price is between 4 yuan -8 yuan / month between, PR6 website a month the price unexpectedly is as high as 60 yuan / month. Pick, pick, pick some PR2-PR4, ranging from the site, the price from 6 yuan -12 yuan / month. Links do more, the spider to naturally faster, and I spent a total of one hundred oceans.

think about this China bearing industry exchange brand trade network ( is just a temporary rise to do experiments, but also some regret. Well, now that you buy it, go ahead and feel the domain name is pretty good at least. Do a period of time, Baidu is still not included, later found, I find one of those web sites continue to sell links and far more than a few dozen? And there are a lot of SF, WG, website.

later, I decided to do only a link to the regular enterprise station, a dozen links, and now there’s only one left. I have no intention of governing any more

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