Teach you to build a profitable local factory network Part one

the Jiaxing plant site (http://s.www.jiaxingcfw.cn) knocked out a word, not copy any content in you have seen after, have little talent and less learning, feel in writing is OK, you clap, if you think this is too small for pediatric, then please criticism of one or two

our goal is to create a profitable local factory information website


one. Preparation:

building workshop network, first of all, we need to determine the site program, you can use classification procedures or property type site modifications, basically meet the needs of our factory network. Of course you have money can buy a house or a custom network program. Secondly, looking for information sources, this does not need to say more, Baidu you know. Finally, begin the modification of LOGO design and other related pictures. Such a workshop will be out of the network, and then we began to officially start,


two. Increase information:

here’s a little trick of changing information from other premises. You’d better change the name of the message so that the information won’t be as good as the others, and it’s better for the search engines. Don’t be afraid of trouble when information increases, how to get more detail with foreign mobile phone, remember in front of 0, pay attention to the details of the maintenance, users will make you feel your sincerity and meticulous, they will give you more rewards.

three. Login search:

is due to the search, the search is very important, you may. Others don’t remember the name of the site, but believe that should be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Therefore, the search engine related keywords ranking is very important. This is related to SEO, SEO in the ability of the poor will not say what, only said that the TITLE optimization must be done well, the best words related to plant network appears two times, then the entire TITLE not more than 35 words. There may be people to ask, if the boot search crawler over it, here are a few ways to master all used up, I would simply say: a 1. increase in the chain, you are the new people do not agree, you can pay some money, general PR2 10 yuan a month. 2. manual login engine. 3., go to the website to send soft Wen, Admin5 is a good place, but the article must be like me, write hard, don’t copy, no meaning. 4. apply for a traffic statistics, spiders can also crawl from the traffic statistics in the official website (very good, very powerful). 5. to Baidu know, Post Bar said. Another point to remember, Ali mother must not come here, oh,


four. Publicity:

because the plant net is the special website flow depending on the search engine and user reputation and come, so the above publicity, can do some targeted communication, such as going to paste the flyers like industrial park. The promotion will be discussed in the next section

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