Site optimization of outward first article

what is the outward first, you should also be what the meaning of this proverb, and use our website optimization on how to understand our personal site on the body should be


here refers to the internal and external, definitely refers to the outer link

a site internal optimization often than external optimization will function more, you even more, to attract the search engine spiders to climb up your stand. A look — Summary of garbage sites, the two way is still the same, as well as the contents and structure of messy, after the spiders to your site will slowly lose confidence in.

so the KMT government is very necessary. Blog good site —sina website optimization site –zac. Typical internal connections – series do very well, Baidu – Google spider came into the palace very love, feeling a lot of original and new content. Crawl to go, don’t go out – maze type, this site is a good site. A page with another

page button

A–B–C-D-B-A-D…… the site uses such a structure,

so you must want to have ranking should first check the premise of their site – even death is taboo. In series is recommended. Keep the original, keep updating this is a site to the premise of ranking

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