Website operation how to build a website with viscosity

users are the highest value, whether the site or product, because it can produce value, do not say first is also paying users free users (for products), as an operation is to free to pay, to pay to the two consumer that is, value-added services, it has a huge user groups for Tencent, QQ is free for users, but the use of a series of additional services to allow users to pay for the purchase, the problem is how to use value-added services to allow users to stick to your website or product, back say improve user viscosity problem.


user experience is the website of the enduring issue, a website done? Experienced people don’t see the data all know whether the site is successful, this is the experience that from the user of the website,

website revision enhances user viscosity


(before revision)


(after revision)

observation comparison before and after revision of the website, from the visual effect is obvious after the revision of the appearance, from the user’s habits to consider, to take users need information placed in front of the user, not too much to pave the way, may do some foreshadowing way, will make a net station of PV increased a lot, but this may let the user experience is not good, when he came to find the information they need, he will immediately shut down the page to leave, do need to pay attention to this kind of website of people is not to let users find the information they want, but for the sake of users you want to give him information, so if you do experience well, improve the user viscosity, value-added services can run up.

submits user viscosity

in the form of tasks

this is a common method, Baidu knows, there is Douding network this form to


(Baidu knows)


(Douding network)

Baidu know a Q & a community platform, this platform carries some extension workers, their website promotion and their products have to improve their own account level to more conducive to the promotion of this series of work must be done to improve the level, may also answer form by asking questions, but the complete series of complete the task than the question answer form quickly, extension workers all day to the task center, and task is to improve the user viscosity, and through a series of tasks to allow users to complete, at the completion of each task will receive the relevant incentives, such as the spirit (medal title, integral, experience the value of material (gift) so, set a different package) > for different user groups

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