End of the League era grassroots Adsense road where

recently in the webmaster together, a friend called sighed GG advertising revenue to seven thousand or eight thousand January a few months ago, now less than one thousand, IP did not fall, but income fell! There are many webmaster friends is to Mongolia Little League, white people to do a few months advertising, a penny collection no, Ali Baidu also began to adjust the policy, once brilliant grassroots webmaster do not know what


website has no secret, unlike two or three years ago, saw a station that will be very great, now many, the competition is big, many stations have no other sources of income, can only rely on a variety of advertising alliance, but now the alliance business is not good, so also in lower prices below, the webmaster do not, do not do is income not


then, grassroots webmaster, our road in where? I believe everyone in the SEO poly popularity have tricks, but in the face of the end of the league, should be temporarily unable to adapt, is stick to the ground or hand waved not dry?


actually I have a little proposal, you may wish to set aside this idea, don’t put the alliance of parents, not the alliance keeps our website, and to put the alliance when the son, is the webmaster to give them a chance, they only have to earn money! So the alliance is done, can let go!

I also try, the next Shenzhen classified ads (www.0755fl.com) all the ad page, the owners have been unable to sell their own advertising, every day at least 3000IP, but nobody is willing to invest in advertising, consulting but a lot of people! The above page 120*60 advertising is the price of 20 yuan a month, one day a man willing to

did not vote!

I did three things when I took it:

a rearrangement of Shenzhen classified ads network information, remember, is to look at the business information, to see the problem from the perspective of the business, you must show your website can bring what benefits to users to businesses, especially for their analysis, advertise here, you can win what sort? Well, to the business at a glance, that he loved the pitch! (advertising network introduces http://s.www.szimm.cn/viewthread.php? Tid=2275& extra=page%3D1


two: to send advertising on your site, don’t underestimate them, they are your potential customers, I do the first step, we have seen QQ Shenzhen classified ads on the site, with their QQ, they immediately to send a message that we advertising one yuan auction, rushed to panic buying these few days sold out. No, give them our brochure! Several businesses do not read, hear panic buying only one yuan, are very interested in, immediately buy! Interested is to introduce them to our website, some businesses have to book a year advertising, 360 yuan is not much, but I only promised a business! The first auction sold out, next month if someone.

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