Eat a mouthful and stand on each side


, I wrote an article about "eating a mouthful, standing up to do it one by one", and that’s what I remind myself of. Do we do every day there are a lot of ideas, want to do a lot of a lot of websites, their programming is very good, so when do it often is not ready in the first of the two on the line, and then is the third of fourth. In this way, the greater the site, their own energy, even the first one did not do well, to the last one did not do well, they are still very tired.

why do I have to write this article now? The main purpose is to warn myself that I’m starting to get into trouble again. I started to do the first location is Nantong marriage network, and then to in Nantong, then there are other sites, I also own the latest brain more chaos, more eager to do bigger and more. The other stations were slowly going up, but in fact it was wrong. I decided today that everything was stopped and I started doing these two stops. Other, whether it is willing to space, or their own registration of relatively satisfactory domain name, or put it there, and later if there is no time to do, there is time to say.

people’s energy is limited, we must do something limited in the limited energy, and if everything is slower than the beginning and can not see the sunrise the day after tomorrow, then we should not do it.

remind yourself.

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