Discussion on website operation and maintenance of small and medium enterprises

website operation and maintenance, nothing more than do two aspects of work: update and promotion. But the implementation is far from being so easy. Many enterprises in the scaled website site, after Everything will be fine. CEOs seldom ask, is responsible for site management departments, no one know how to maintain the basic knowledge, the main function of this website is probably the name card with a WWW of the "Internet" sign in to the name card customers is almost level, also suddenly arise spontaneously trust italy. It would be nice to have such an effect.


network applications are in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing in popularity, more and more corporate executives, managers realized: one or two had not updated website, and doing a fine but not many people know the website, is a complete waste of resources. "Informatization" originally is not a one-time investment to build a web site is so simple, more important work is that the site after the completion of long-term updates and promotion process.

website maintenance involves resources and cost issues, but as long as the use of time, most of the small and medium-sized enterprise website maintenance needs of the resources and costs will not be too high.

, first of all, talk about website updates. Enterprise website is mainly to update products and captions. General SME websites have no background content management system, web pages need to know how to do web pages of personnel, but most companies do not have this talent (although learning to do web pages is not difficult). One way is to do in the network company when signing the contract will take the "update service because the contract terms, don’t ignore the problem, until the need to update to the network company is very passive.

another flexible solution is to train someone who edits a web page in a company and learn how to use HTML editing programs such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver. If a person can learn to use word, it should be able to learn web editing, FTP upload files. Can let the website of the network company training, combined with buying books self-study is not difficult, learners can master a knowledge, also won’t resist. Therefore, this method can also be adopted.

website promotion is more complicated and more difficult. From the login link exchange, search engine, information released to the mailing list maintenance send, all related to professional knowledge, such as learning is not a simple web page making method can be solved, but this part is very important, therefore, have the following suggestions for small and medium-sized enterprise website promotion: focus on outsourcing, other promotion take their own internal work.

key projects mainly refer to search engine promotion and online advertising. The domestic search engine and online advertising business are pushing the agency, can find their authorized agents, in various regions on the website sometimes, by proxy price than their foreign media websites also offer low. But if the company doesn’t have this budget, it has to sign up for free on GOOGLE, just for general web planners and designers

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