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Internet is known as "the paradise of entrepreneurs". It is very popular for people to set up a website to start a business. At present, because of the requirement of making a website needs to have the technology is not high, the existing website development tools can easily build a website, and also in the process of website promotion, learn a lot of useful knowledge. Many friends want to build a website, but they can’t find a good starting point, so they always stay in the "dream" stage.

so let’s get to know the profit model of the website first. The website’s profit model includes advertising, value-added services, SP services and other forms, the key is to find the most suitable for their website profit direction.

one, online advertising,

many commercial sites need to be promoted, including some traditional enterprises, but also began to expand the promotion on the internet. The website traffic and users, also has the attribute of media, there are many ways to profit through advertising, from direct contact to advertisers for advertising through advertising, most websites including well-known portals such as Sina, advertising is a major source of income.

usually exists in the network, there are several forms of advertising.

1. pictures text ads

The most common type of

should be text type advertising, which is the first type of ad that appears to have little interference with the viewer, but works well. The most common still image ads, it is also known as Banner advertising, advertising is presented in a GIF image file, JPG format, and can set the dynamic effects, the most common is 468× the size of the picture Banner 60 ad.

in addition to the general static picture advertising, the current popular use of GIF animation format picture advertising, there will be flashing or moving and other dynamic effects, the principle is to string a series of images to form animation. Composition of most dynamic web advertising from 2 to 20 frames, through different images, can be transmitted to the viewer more information, can also be through the use of animation to enhance the viewer the impression that their click rate is generally higher than that of the static ones. What’s more, this kind of advertising is relatively complicated and relatively small in size, usually below 15K. Pictures and text ads are the most important forms of online advertising.


Figure 1 Tencent

home page of all types of advertising

2.Flash video ads

Flash (animated) form of advertising more attractive to visitors, it can not only as a general advertising content display, but also can make transactions mutual form, such as interaction with visitors. The form of advertising is more diverse, better than mere pictures and text, so the click rate is higher. Files using animated animations in swf format are of moderate size, and >

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