nternet products should not be ten major technical kidnapping

impossible; difficult; you do not understand the technology; this function should be placed in the two phase to do; to do, but need time; stop the project, I’ll do it for you…… If you often hear that technology said, you are likely to have been kidnapped, then you want to function, as long as the technology that can not be that game.

1, the correct selection of

– website development, must be a technology cattle, like a Frankenstein like people, the best for the realization of a function can be two days without sleeping master. Never find an expert such as a senior architect. In fact, such people don’t even have the simplest functions.

2, strictly forbid, impossible

– if a programmer says "impossible", then he should go shit. The only thing to do is to make the impossible possible. Even if the technology is impossible, it must be mars. Technical team must establish the proud culture solution Difficult miscellaneous diseases.

3, break gang

programmer is mostly introverted personality, complaining will not express, usually a few people tend to form gangs, and finally through the technology in turn control rights in the hands of the site, just can make the website hang handshaken about a few minutes. Don’t disrespect programmers, and don’t respect programmers too much.

4, assessment target

– traditional software programmers should first assess the stability, and then assess the development speed, the Internet programmers should first assess the speed of development, and then check stability. The reason is simple, the Internet is a game of time, who will win quickly, and there are some minor glitches can be repaired online, released to the net friend feelings, just five minutes.

5, select language

– whether to use PHP or JAVA or XXX, technically speaking, there are always some, but from a strategic point of view, from the perspective of human resources to choose, and that kind of people, good trick on that kind. If you choose a very new language, it will be difficult for programmers to recruit or be expensive and meaningful,


6, server

: This is the website of the lifeblood of the best by independent management of department. Like the financial department, many departments can use money, but in the end the money is managed by the Ministry of finance. If you let programmers go to the server, it means that programmers can not do it well, can not replace, substitutions may lose data.

7, drag schedule

– sorting out development processes and planning are the most basic tasks of time control for program development, but they can also be abused. Obviously a month can be completed, the programmer can say one hundred reasons, the project split into three, the time dragged into a year. Wait for a year, you can say that because you modified the function, but also for six months.


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