To do a website has a power called persistence

remembers having read a passage, "is it easy to carry a glass of water? Of course, a healthy person can do it.". If you hold the glass for 10 minutes, you must be numb. If you don’t move for a month, then you must be doing art. If it does not move for 10 years, you will become a cultural relic and become a national treasure.

yes, the easiest thing is to succeed as long as you stick to it. On the other hand, if you don’t stick to it, it will definitely fail. Some cadres on the job conscientiously, strict with oneself, never corrupt, when to retire soon because it once did not hold, get the results of wanjiebubao. A star full of wit, DeYiShuangXin, rejected all temptations, but one did not hold on to a certain sex scandal, the ruin. Conversely, some cadres can be promoted by the relationship, a computer that is not too busy, but with decades of corruption rash and too much in haste, getting old to think about their own the doings, felt sorry for the party, I’m sorry people, so they decided to wash her hands, then he left into the classroom of the day is not far away. A star can not sing, not to play, but all kinds of gossip, let him every day into the entertainment headlines, but we certainly don’t hate him, he has his own unique charm, all for him to appear in advertising business is too busy to attend to all. One day, he met the fate of his life, so he changed his style, got married and had children, and his star road expired. The cruel black boss must have died at the moment when he began to be kind, and greedy drug dealers often missed the last time he decided to take his hand.

things are like this, no matter good or bad do you have to do to do good in the end you will become a Buddha, do you guys do what became a hero. Because persistence allows you to accumulate experience, a small drop will not let you have something, and you can learn from the failure. Persistence will force you to go all out and mobilize all your strength and resources to do something. If you are corrupt, it will take the time to spend energy to draw the relationship between nature, peace. Persistence will also keep you in the picture of other people’s impressions, so everyone will be used to it. Like someone in the company all day careless and casual, export into dirty. Not only do not dislike him, he gathered a large number of beautiful girls on the side, and every time he ate, the leader liked to take him with him. On the contrary, if you have been kind of upright gentlemen image, the ornamental and the combined plain properties, which is also a day in yellow joke, it will let people below the glasses. There is because most people can not persist, so stick to talent is more valuable, more competitive, as Ma Yun said, today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night.

so do friends, don’t see people say fried domain name to make money, you follow. Some people say that garbage stations make money, and you follow suit. Some people say that the industry has a future, you follow again, and in the end you have done everything, but it did not make money, >

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