Operating flow analysis of local gateways two application flow and activity marketing flow

two, application traffic advantages, disadvantages, errors and ways to obtain


A, through the application channel can be exclusive or unique solution to the user’s problems, so the user viscosity is high, so that the site traffic is more stable,

, B, application channel advertising value is high (industry advertising is very easy to launch),

C, application traffic can enhance the site brand


, A, application traffic has its user base, so the user range is narrow, traffic will reach a certain stage will stop.

, B, and application channel channels are also narrow to win and receive customers, which limits the scale of revenue.


, A, application traffic operations rely on the platform, or the market is immature, the opportunity is not, the channel is difficult to activate.

(a part of the site, when operating a channel failure, simply attributed the failure to the local market immature, local users "do not understand or lazy", "poor platform" and so on. You can also cite a variety of arguments to support their own claims, such as users will not publish information, users do not agree with the effect, the local people’s network awareness is very poor, many people do not understand, or the platform has a variety of problems, and so on,

but the reality is that such views don’t hold water.

What is the



operating concept is wrong, if you can not reverse their own operational concept, then such a site, any operating channels are not activated.

operating channel features:

: first we must first understand the operational channel, is pioneering features, namely from scratch, or to face the local traditional industry or the industry’s direct competition, directly to the public, to fight, not a, do not need to pay much effort to do things, so psychological need good planning. Once you enter to "win" of the faith, continue to overcome difficulties, not to be back.

second: the operation must have certain resources support, and must maintain the continuity of operation. (continuity is very important, if the selection of operation type channel, must ensure the continuity of operations, otherwise no matter how the resources operation mode, how much will be in operation continuously, make efforts to zero, not


third; operating channels must be responsive to demand oriented, and constantly improve the ability to solve user problems and results. (such as real effect; talent early in the channel, to provide users with the most complete, the most accurate information, to know what is the interim analysis, the recruitment needs of different customers late to find work to customer recruitment and job seekers to guide the continuous improvement of service and adjust the operation mode of


three, >

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