Talking about several operators

just look at users of several operators in the era of the 3G operation of the views and opinions can be came the interest on this topic, want to share with you, after graduation has been engaged in the work of telecom industry group business, there is no peer discussion, especially in the treasure of a paste.

said the first move, the most powerful mobile enterprise framework construction and human resources team, mature operation, perfect backstage service and support, although it took a card appears to be the most smelly, but we must clearly understand that team and talent is decided to the West and development of the fundamental. The other is not to say, GSM in the foreseeable future will still use a lot, bring cash flow can make fast moving across the TD into LTE, so not to mention the mobile TD technology and introduces the TD support business, telecom Tianyi also quite well, not to mention CDMA, just to mention the Internet mobile phone.

for the new China Unicom short-term bullish, long-term bullish, short term, large WCDMA technology licensing, emphasizing the terminal variety, choose a wide range of users, and even some overseas have smuggled goods mobile phone back will be able to use directly, it makes too many users eagerly look forward to, but if this is the capital hanging to sell, do not pay attention to the customer experience and supporting services, there is still the bottom again may be; long term, more to fight is the factors of customer level, intimate service, good service and a stronger brand, this is the real thing to fight, but considering the whole enterprise culture gene of the new China Unicom, the existence of some evil under the table in the old, it is difficult to eliminate a short duration of time, a long time will still some legacy influences the development of enterprises, so long is not good.

for telecommunications, can be more familiar with, Tianyi, is actually not in the root cause for Telecom what change, but in the past few years Telecom background services and business hall clients such as the interface level achievement objective that is good, but the background of business support and resource management in disappointment. As far as personal observation is concerned in foreign countries, it is a general trend for the community managers and business offices to adopt third party outsourcing and phasing out, and the efficiency of the backstage operation is one of the main battleground for the operators. Can think, telecom needs to be adjusted to the internal major surgery otherwise, with the mobile business to enhance the overall performance of telecommunication is not too large, but should also see the Telecom will be the major industry, regardless of geography or business type, other operators are unable to fight, with rich business how resourceful and how efficient operation of these resources to create more value, this is the urgent need to do. But we should also see the use of telecommunications business mode in the change, especially the information value-added services, from BlackBerry PushMail to iPhone A-GPS business, has released a strong information presentation and application of terminal manufacturers rely on the personalized information is cut into the traditional operators profit territory, Apple and AT& T have strong cooperation; let i-Mode NTTDoCoMo inferior by comparison.

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