Structural construction of three steps in website construction

website construction is a very complex project. From the big point of view, it can be called the continuity of biology, and it is the concentrated expression of engineering. Since the emergence of the web, it has been directed toward the evolution of man himself. Like a raging fire Web3.0, all people-oriented, user experience has always been in the first place. Not only the beauty of appearance, but the outer shell. This is the biggest difference between Western websites and Korean websites. Of course, I don’t mean Korean websites have no time to use. Specifically, most foreign websites can cross platform operations, PDA, mobile devices and so on, while South Korea’s Web site is not only that. The website is the best embodiment of Web2.0, so the construction of the website also embodies the variety of web2.0.

website construction is also a concrete manifestation of biological engineering and human mechanics. Web design, web architecture, coding is more than just a copy and paste process. I’ve heard a lot of great designers at home, and I’ve seen a lot of different types of work out of the village. But I rarely hear that they can take a place in the international market. Depending on where they stand and what kind of designer they are going to be. Web layout, how to make people feel comfortable, do not feel tired for a long time; how to do a clear outline of the website architecture, such as: three layer architecture or two layer architecture, how reasonable and refined?.

web layout. I remember when a web designer from abroad said that none of my disciples would use the layout of the table, for the simple reason that I never taught them anything that was out of date. Imagine our situation. What layout do you use? Tables, DIV, or a mixture of the two?. I’ve seen it more than once. The Internet company uses the table layout for the sake of simplicity. I don’t know if there are any problems with the two methods. Beginning in 1997, China launched a website reform storm, from table to DIV+CSS approach more in line with web standards, but also more suitable for the appetite of search engines. Remember the hands earlier as the ideal blue flash, XX and so on, including many well-known portals such as Sina and other NetEase now. But now, why many Internet companies take the old table, if only because they are nostalgic if I’m pleased to


at the same time, it is worth pointing out that the development of e-commerce is developing at a rate of 200%. The value created by electronic commerce has also been paid more and more attention by the government. The recent white paper is also formally used as a policy to guide the further development of China’s e-commerce. The value of e-commerce in the website is also worth thinking about, not to say that customers want, we give. They do not know, we can save some things, such as 2 years later we tried to persuade him to reap profits from revision.

The construction of

website is a simple process. And the development of Chinese website, also master in the hand of 10 thousand stationmaster, can be in the world show outcrop angle, do a new old station, still be in?

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