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SNS what does



recently landed in the country, found a strange phenomenon, we are desperately buying and selling friends, commonly known as the sale of slaves". This function at home is estimated to be modeled on happy friends’ buying and selling patterns.

from overseas friends trading function, can improve some members of the fun, but also let some members dislike, I still did not understand the sale of friends of the rules of the game, the sale of friends in the real society is not, even if there is a disguised form of betrayal. As if the Internet has created a virtual world for people, that is, ethical relations can be reversed.

home from the start line was localized in vascular friends SNS website, today launched the sale of friends, confusing. Do you feel the pressure of competition at home and change? Or have you begun to take the entertainment route at home? Did the original strategic positioning have not adapted to the market?

this is not only a question for people to think about, such as school, home, 51, together, busy, happy, my family, my show, etc., in many SNS sites, what is the winner of SNS website,


1. First chance,

has been launched since it was bought on campus, but it has received a large amount of financing shortly before. Then the market prospect of SNS must be vast. The main reason for the success of the school is the initiative, but for later, has lost the initiative, then the latter rely on what win,


2. depends on strategy

, a web site can be developed, a very important reason is the strategy and positioning, school has been able to succeed, because in Chinese University, because the university students concentrated, in large quantities, while students’ spare time, access to the Internet and the time of dating students enthusiasm is high, so the campus network can be empty and lonely. The rapid development of the. For those who, in order to be successful, need more unique strategic vision, such as positioning in the business are not busy dating, located in family life with my family my friends show, targeting professionals are located in the home, young people have 51. At the same time, some do not have a clear positioning, or positioning is too broad, leading to unclear web site, together with the Internet and ants, such sites are confused, mostly in line with the trend.

3. by innovation

fierce competition in the homogenization of many SNS sites, have become more and more aware of the importance of innovation, then the current SNS website, to bold innovation is not much, the more distinctive is the happy network, has launched a number of interesting features, such as the sale of friends, the name of the fate, life etc.. Indeed let go. More fun you meet. Such as my family, I show ( launched the family tree function, the traditional genealogy moved to the Internet, really make everyone fresh. Expect more SNS>

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