CNZZ webmaster statistics understand the user behavior realize website optimization

user behavior analysis is the basis of website optimization. In the acquisition and analysis of user behavior data, with the help of third party professional analysis tools, it can get twice the result with half the effort. Expert analysis CNZZ domestic senior webmaster statistics data "(for personal webmaster) and" panorama statistics "(for businesses and enterprises), to data report, graphic form of multi dimension show visitors behavior characteristics, especially the" page access track "and" hot "two big functions, specifically give direct insight into the visitors trajectory.

"page access track" to understand user behavior

Visitors often jump between

in the website of each page, the access path can be too numerous to enumerate, but through the observation and the focus of the page page, master the visitor’s origin and destination, find common visitors visiting habits. The page access trajectory is used to perform the function. The user can specify the observation focus page, and the system will list the top ten antecedents and the destination page of the page. To observe the focus page, how many of its own import and export PV can reflect the weight status of the page on the site, and through the observation of the origin and destination of the page and the maximum understanding to the visitor’s behavior habits and interests.



access trajectory tells the site owner that the user’s visual browsing trajectory on a web page is the objective behavior of the user. It is also possible to see whether a web design is reasonable and that it can make the user really pay attention and click on the location where he needs to be clicked, and ultimately affect the information architecture of the entire site.

"hot map" intuitive display of user interest

CNZZ launched the "hot" function, different regions of the click heat distinguished by different colors, can be more intuitive to show visitors interest, tracing the source of visitors, visitors can click on the multi dimension analysis of various characteristics.

CNZZ statistical tools to pay more attention to user experience and practical in design and development, users only need to be concerned by visiting the page to add a link to a "hot map" function, and ensure that the page has been successfully placed CNZZ "webmaster statistics" code, second days can see the "hot map" data. After the application for the "hot map" function, users can focus on ten hot pages at the same time. Open a page hot chart, interest points show at a glance, the red area in the picture indicates the highest heat, orange, yellow, green next, and the blue area means that click heat minimum.


CNZZ "hot map" can not only choose to view the last seven days effect to show, the original "source" function, also the analysis of different types of antecedents (direct input, search engines, the antecedents, antecedents and enter the Outland) on page click on the page, easy to grasp the operating characteristics of different user groups. Use the mouse to select any hot map >

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