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electricity supplier story is always similar.

the two companies in their respective channels at the same time in addition to electrical appliances product promotion, online and offline prices, logistics strategy also promised to "morning, afternoon to buy", in the promotion of Tmall appliances bought, near Suning stores will be the same day delivery. Tmall and Suning launched a list of 3C appliances based on online consumer data, and also hung Suning stores in major cities such as North, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and hangzhou.

earlier, Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Amazon intends to bid for stores in 20 states in the United States

in some extent that highlights the common defects of the electricity supplier industry, which is neglected as a type of service website the basic duties — questioning whether you know what is the industrial manufacturing? Do you know what is the most important? Do you understand what is the most urgent business

free & charge, B2B platform changes with constant

subway station.

Red label for 4.18 home appliance festival in

"but that doesn’t make the issue simple enough to compare fees with free."." Insiders said, compared to sales pumped into this industry B2B used "a single profit method, 3800 yuan membership fee is more like a vote of confidence for the enterprise money professional and authoritative high investment platform for the B2B.

Internet is an easy copy of the industry, the advantages of product innovation cycle is very short, if you want to beat the same in the field of monopoly competition, must follow the path of a new mode of sustainable development. Once the B2B website platform adopts free mode, it is bound to cause a powerful impact on the entire B2B e-commerce market, how long this impact can last, and whether the B2B free model is reasonable will be a debatable question.

after that, Alibaba shares Suning, three years after the acquisition, holding Sanjiang Yintai shopping, brilliance and reached a strategic cooperation, Jingdong and the merger, WAL-MART home dada shares, business tycoon in go offline.

last Friday, there was news that Wholesale Club, a wholesale supermarket in the northeastern United States, was going to sell for $4 billion. The biggest potential buyer was America’s electricity supplier: amazon.

online platform, which serves as a balance between purchasing and selling ends, is not a move to move a country fair online. Especially for the industrial B2B segment, the important thing is how to save costs for both enterprises, and quickly reach a matching transaction is the real concern of the enterprise. And this is the core value of the B2B platform, whether or not charging or not really become the reason for enterprises to choose the electricity supplier


as the only focus on PVC plastics industry B2B business enterprise as an example, PVC plastic net charge 3800 yuan annually to the membership fee, this model has been advertised resource sharing and free Internet, seems to go a gamble.

recently, the charges and charges on the B2B platform are bubbling over. All along, in order to solve the problem of charging mode, the traditional B2B website often adopts the membership charging mode, and only after charging members can log in to obtain the business information issued by other members.

China’s electricity supplier tycoon shares, as well as mergers and acquisitions under the line of supermarkets, department stores, it is from August 2015, Jingdong and Yonghui supermarket that strategic cooperation began.

recently, the subway stations in Beijing and Shanghai have been covered with such red advertisements. The applications of Tmall and Suning have appeared on Logo, "4·, 18 appliances Festival".

at present, most of the industry B2B activities means and service means serious single, mostly only enterprises in the Internet can see the contents of the basic introduction, if you want to blend with enterprises, only through the line held a product will be recommended, or the buyer will meet, will purchase so that became a vassal of traditional electricity supplier fair. Hope that through reducing the cost of the electricity supplier business vision failed.




in fact, such controversy already existed. Earlier "will search" the free camp and "HC" and "Alibaba" as the representative of the camp will usher in a face to face PK. But is it really just a simple straw to toll the B2B platform and "free"?


posters uniformly put the two company’s names "Tmall &" and "Su Ning" on the same size, but this big promotion is hardly seen as a purely "electricity supplier Festival"".

April 10th, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong in their headlines on Jingdong announced that the next five years will be opened in the country one hundred convenience stores, half of them in rural areas, is to China County town shop sign, next to write on the same day, the Jingdong, Jingdong also announced to build 5000 maternal experience store in 3 years in.

actually, this is not the first time. From August 2015 the Alibaba become Suning second major shareholders, so don’t line offline promotion one after another, to double eleven, 6· 18 of the electricity supplier collective big promotion Festival, Suning has become the largest Alibaba online activities of a shop.


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