T2c general manager Dan Jun in the third media industry forum on the speechStudy site three profit m

the afternoon of October 17, 2007 by rich media technology provider interaction holding group hosted the third media industry development forum "in Beijing Chinese Hotel ended. The forum has been widespread concern and support China Advertising Association, Chinese Internet association, international and domestic large brand enterprises, major advertising agencies and website, positive response and more than 500 industry professionals, invited guests involved in the industry fields, most of the record. In addition, the forum is based on network advertisement market segmentation, network advertising technology industry chain development of multi-level, multi field, multi structure as a clue, from different angles, advertisers, advertising agents, network media, advertising creative and technology provider, analyzes the current situation and development trend of network advertisement.

domestic reading websites in large numbers, their profit model and "money king" is not the same. The student company president Jiang Haifeng think, at present study site business model is still relatively scarce, mainly divided into the following three types: the first mode is the starting point to Chinese huanjianshumeng, as the representative of the pay to read. This model is based on the creative process of sales, Internet users in reading the original novel, each read a new serial must pay. Once the novel is finished, the sales process means ending.


Jiang Haifeng also believes that due to the openness of the Internet industry, transparency and full competition and other features, each business model allows only one or two companies to succeed. This also means that the current successful reading websites in China only allow four or five.

"we are targeting adults over the age of 25, but Internet Fiction focuses on young people between the ages of 15 and 25.". With the same amount of traffic, our income will exceed the starting point." Jiang Haifeng thinks.

Jun Jun: Hello, everyone, today I introduced to you is interactive through another brand – T2C. T2C is a project dedicated to media technology applications, and the most important thing on the T2C platform is precision marketing. For a long time, we have been discussing the value of advertising success point in where, is in the creative? In fact we think all the advertiser’s final purpose is to find the corresponding audience, so the key is whether we can in the vast sea, the advertising in the eyes of her body today, as the Forum of each lecture PPT are an advertisement.

is also a Sina reading, netrose as the representative of the website advertising profit model. Compared to the first two fee reading modes, this model is mainly sponsored by publishers and Internet advertisers.

, the second business model, is a digital library model represented by scholars and representatives. In contrast, this model takes the book more widely, not only limited to the network novel, but also includes children’s books, youth books, education and scientific research, administered inspirational, social science, natural science and engineering technology.

I’m here to tell you that the story is our every advertisement is a missing person, want to find people who have a variety of attributes, these different attributes provide us with the implementation of the company by reference, this is the beginning of the story, so where to find these people? We believe that all people see the advertisement, the property is basically the same, here I have to mention a people for having heard it many times "long tail", a variety of differences in the contents of the media business only, see the media content is the same, so we are concerned about the big media, big influence, will also pay attention to the little influence. In our trailers that advertisers are increasingly seeking investment returns, for a lot of data to us every day, pay attention to the effect of advertising. So we are thinking about the following questions: how to maximize the value of the media, since everyone see advertising, his value is the same, just how a bunch of us to sell the goods inside, be arranged to pick up out and do the packaging. Therefore, interactive through, pay in accordance with the effect, according to pay per click. So it can be said that precision marketing is a new trend in advertising sales model that has overturned the practice in China for many years. In order to satisfy advertisers and agents, T2C. has a huge integrated marketing platform, called T2C, which has more than more than 20 websites, as well as interaction

below is Dan Jun, general manager of T2C in this forum on network advertising accurate marketing theme of the wonderful speech:

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