Network gaming member January up to earn 800 dollarsFrom 3 poor people to 25 billion dollar companie

at that time there was an international designer conference to be held in San Francisco, the hotel supply is in short supply. Joe had an idea, said in the message: Hey bro, I think of a way to earn extra money to our apartment into a bed and breakfast accommodation, in 4 days of meetings, for designers to provide wireless network, small desk, inflatable bed and breakfast! Haha! < / p>

Cui Bowen, a solicitor at Liaoning’s integrity law firm, thinks, ">

with the increase of online game player, called a "gaming" rooting industry development in Shenyang, there was a "game studio" specialized business paid for playing games.


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their work is 24 hours non-stop for the player’s account service, two people, one shift per shift. In addition to eating, toilet, step by step away from the computer, if you use foreign servers to play, once the ID was blocked may also be "white play."". According to him, once, in order to complete the task, shut in the house for a week, and then go out, see the sun in front of a black, almost a somersault.


their company has been run two times, and nobody noticed it at all. Third >

income, health without legal protection,

their first guests, 2 men and 1 ladies, paid $80 each. One of the designers, guests, Amol also made speeches for Joe and Brian in 2012. He said: "I was late decided to attend the meeting of all the designers, the hotel have been booked, I was lucky enough to find the cheapest accommodation! And the same is the designer of the Joe and Brian live together, look them in the eyes of San Francisco, couldn’t be

started doing it, he thought he could play games and make money. It was a good bargain, but he kept repeating it mechanically every day. There were problems with the cervical spine and the lumbar spine. Even friends didn’t have time to contact him.

two people replace 24 hours playing

so they bought 3 Inflatable beds and made a simple website: airbedandbreakfast. They were then students of the Rhodes Island Rhode School of Design, who found it interesting to bring designers around the campus.

reporter understands, these dot agent’s game basically is "World of Warcraft", "dream swims West", "heaven" and so on. Many game studios use foreign servers to train foreigners.

reporter to the identity of the candidates with a "Dailian studio" contact, then went to the nearby Tiexi District Weigong street studio. Into the two bedroom houses, two rooms were the boss and training staff residential living room, crowded with 16 machines, dark room hanging curtain.

in 2007, Joe, Gebbia, and Brian Chesky were poor enough to pay for the monthly rent in San Francisco. One day, Joe sent this email to Brian, and the story began……

fingers moving all over the body The reporter learned from the

agent must know the powder wit Huobian global Airbnb, but you may not know, the valuation of $25 billion, to provide short term accommodation, already more than all of the world’s hotel group company, at the beginning, three poor force founder just want to rent the air bed to earn extra money.

work: make time for player accounts

both Joe and Brian are designers, and Airbnb is a design oriented company

income: earn more than 800 yuan a month,

a training officer told reporters that he has been doing this for 8 months, the first month income 600 yuan, after work, the monthly income of only 800 yuan, while a 20 machine boss at least a month can earn twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan.

April 14th, reporters in the online search, there is nearly 10000 Shenyang Recruitment "gaming" advertising posts, mostly written: male, without work experience, understand the simple computer keyboard operation, free training, pay 500 to 700 yuan plus commission.


Industrial and Commercial Bureau, at present, Shenyang city is still not "gaming company registration". The cultural department said, "gaming" is a new thing, there is no feasible regulations on its standard.

is the work of the staff training are about 20 years old, black eye and gogo staring at the screen, the upper and lower body is only on the keyboard and mouse on the finger on the screen, the game characters "crackling" under the frame. After that, the reporter went to several studios in the Dadong District, which was mostly the case.

founder Brian and their first customer

Joe and Brian quickly realized that this idea could become big. They took their former roommates, Nathan Belcharczyk, to start their business together. At first, they did roommate matching for 4 months and found another Roommates already doing great, and they went back to providing accommodation and breakfast service.

Abstract: Wit spy must know the powder fire all over the world Airbnb, but you may not know, the valuation of $25 billion, to provide short term accommodation, already more than all of the world’s hotel group company, at the beginning, three poor forced rent inflatable bed founder just figured to earn extra money.

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