Novice to do Amoy two months Chong drilling processHow to analyze the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan

we want to engage in Wangzhuan.

! So for

at this time, the Internet bigwigs and their immediate disciples have a lot of money, but also in the process of sharing, by many other master, and successful practice, when the master apprentice who will join them, slowly in the Wangzhuan are more and more people, making money effect gradually become weak however, the project of the higher threshold will become increasingly low, resulting in the expansion project of the higher

Wangzhuan project

              this has played a major role in my impact drilling. Since it is a personal website with limited manpower and financial resources, it is impossible to invest money in advertising. Therefore, it is necessary to maximize the stickiness of the website to customers, that is to say, the rate of return. Among them, I think the most important thing is credibility. I have a characteristic, is the recommended types of goods is not much, but in the recommendation before, I will find a lot of information screening, many shops, valuables or even to buy their own trial, in order to ensure that the store is safe and reliable, the quality of the products can be trusted only after customers to recommend, so there are a lot of in the course of contacts repeat, feel good service, with mutual trust.


with CPI percent to break 5 mark, get in the hands of money is less valuable, although every year in the adjustment of the minimum wage, but not what the relationship and the majority of our webmaster, of course, many people did not get what benefits, even now some departments of rhetoric, the next five years will make the current wage double, estimated that can only increase our people’s life burden, because prices can be faster wage rise! When estimated cabbage also three dollars a pound, so now a lot of people in their work have also joined the ranks of the Internet Wangzhuan, want to earn a little money subsidy home, is also the effective method to outperform the CPI, but most of them are involved in Wangzhuan can not earn much money, because there is no good on the project of the higher point, here we have to analysis A Wangzhuan process from birth to death, hope to help the webmaster friends hold a website project profit! The biggest achievement of

two: the expansion period

free Wangzhuan project periodAt this time the

: the birth of

I started to do the guest from November, first spent two days with the familiar guest operation and the mode of payment, personal feeling this is very necessary, such as the promotion of virtual goods are not of the Commission, if you do not know this, it may be in vain; next, like most novice, start the most stupid but the most effective way, and building space propaganda forum. The average daily hair dozen posts, persist for two weeks, Ali account no movement, and gradually posted the driving force is insufficient. But fortunately, when a week after I went to Ali account, which actually had 25 yuan of income, is to promote a commission for early childhood toys. This 25 yuan and let me cheer up again, immediately put into the new promotion process. Gradually feel simple posting income instability, simply made himself a Taobao shopping guide network: Student yuan shopping guide nets. Because of my previous experience of doing some websites, I know that websites need to be creative and energetic. Therefore in the web site offers many features such as weight channel, channel, channel anti acne, increased channel, more important is to set up purchasing channels, for our school all free to purchase goods, for them to save a lot of trouble such as courier, online banking.

this time Wangzhuan the people involved are numerous, Wangzhuan bigwigs have effect on the extremely low Wangzhuan disdain. At this time, the only remaining value of this project is Wangzhuan came more and more people squeezed very clean, and then someone began to use waste heat these Wangzhuan. Based on the simple adaptation, coupled with successful cases and collection show, released to the site, then with a relatively low price to sell, this is the last crazy Wangzhuan

as early as 08 years in October that the guest has been unclear, the specific operation mode of it, until October 09 to see a person on the scouring of the soft, it inspired me to Amoy interest. For two months, finally reached a level in the Amoy drill, the following is what I drill experience, for your reference.

Wangzhuan often has become chicken ribs, for some veteran who has no Wangzhuan what attraction, but for some beginner or have a certain appeal, after all, is free, but this time the money effect has become a super toil!


recommend goods can not blindly look at the Commission, and some low commission, but very popular merchandise updates deserve consideration. In addition to this, but also depends on the credibility of the seller, the relevant evaluation of goods, crown shop and hundred percent praise shop, it is easier to promote.


now my account will have income every day, although not much, but I am very pleased, my efforts are not in vain. To share with you a lower drilling experience, we hope to help. My website: Student yuan shopping guide network xueziyuan>

Wangzhuan project Wangzhuan sunset period Wangzhuan effect!

this process is very subtle, only some grass-roots Internet bigwigs use their circle of contacts, develop a crazy money making project, this project is only a few people know, outsiders are not clear, when the Wangzhuan project needs more people involved, these grassroots bigwigs directly the apprentice will be these Wangzhuan share out according to


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