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Yao Junfeng: probably in the 2013 New Year’s day, I decided to enter the Internet until 2009 2003 I left the Internet industry into traditional industries, for four years the industry feel very tired, is a kind of industrial exercise industry, to cope with a large number of people and things every day, you almost don’t have much time to calm down heart to think about this and the Internet industry are very different, and in 2013 the entire mobile phone industry by the impact of the electricity supplier is very large, the traditional store chain life was very difficult, so in 2013 the last day I decided to go back to the Internet industry.


– this article from 99 Wangzhuan network: 99earn.org/talk/2010/0308/398.html

Li Hongqi: the car industry is a giant, and you’re going to have it

Yao Junfeng: I was the car fancier, so has been on the car is very love, then return to the Internet found that many areas have a scale, not what the starting point, so we decided to make the mobile internet terminal car sites, but the experienced people know, do a thing is very difficult to operate. So I chose the most fiery 2014 from the media to the starting point, now it seems that this is a quasi step, in fact we have now is the automotive industry car, ranked first in the car from the media, professor in addition to a large number of fans, has also become a lot of users heart Car Buying professional experts.

Yao Junfeng: Hello, I’m Yao Junfeng, car buying network founder and CEO, 2003 high school joined IT1682004 years he served as IT world network editor, content director, general manager, have experience of rich vertical website operation management, founded in 2009, mobile phone chain, successfully create 12 physical stores and online in O2O mode, the Internet and traditional industries have rich management experience, since 2014 with the help of the media "car professor" to become the industry’s first self financing large media, half the time to become car new media first, at the same time to start O2O car electricity supplier website car to buy buy nets, the first professional automotive electricity supplier O2O business model.

Li Hongqi: How did you come into contact with the media industry? Why did you choose the car?

Li Hongqi: Hello, Yao Junfeng, please briefly introduce yourself,

novice friends in the process of network money often make some small mistakes or small problems, because it is new, so the industry of Wangzhuan does not understand, does not know in what circumstances, just contact when making money online will make some common problems, this can not blame them, everyone from the novice over, through these processes, the following are some common problems summed up, hope beginners can try to avoid making these mistakes, and constantly improve their Wangzhuan ability, can do better in the next day, these can be as a money online experience, to share with you.

third, greedy, many online free training programs are said to teach you for free day to earn one hundred yuan, thousand yuan project, do not charge tuition, see these new things are free of greed, that is free, do not invest to join. The results show that is not to say that they are you free training to help them make money, with a purpose, not in vain to teach you, you are just being used or some training programs is to promote products, such as some open space business site training is to guide you to buy their space and domain name, free training is just an excuse. Just imagine, no one will waste their time and energy to help you if they have no interest.

Li Hongqi: let’s share your story,

introduction: today we interview the guests is a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully build 12 mobile phone chain stores, and then transferred to the car from the media business, just a few months to get large investment risk, the automotive industry is rapidly becoming the first from the media, the article reached 2 hundred million in total access to 5 of today’s headlines the amount of WeChat public number of single article highest amount of reading more than 2 million 400 thousand, his entrepreneurial story can give us what kind of inspiration? He did from the media what kind of experience and skills? Let us through today’s special interview from the star as we opened the

first, anxious, a lot of people will be guilty of wrong, just join Wangzhuan they want to make money, that can earn the money themselves in a short period of time, often they are not what patience, do one or two days project to receive the money, no money on the result that this project is cheat, insist on doing another give up halfway. A project is not the number of days, finally, not a penny earned, so impatient attitude is very difficult to make a difference. You know, making money online is a long-term process, you need to continue to pay will be harvested, impatient can not eat hot tofu.

second, registering more than one account on the same project, is also a common problem. Take an example about it, for example, you do PTC project, multiple accounts with the same IP to register NEOBUX, that you can make more money, the result is just the opposite, not only to make money, and a number of your account will be K off. Click on the station of the anti cheat system is very perfect, do not think that a registered user name to the mailbox, I can fool the eye of NEOBUX, must not be a lucky psychology, a project to register an account is good, don’t you, honestly, no cheating, or nothing. Want to make money, the development of the assembly line, this is the right way to wangzhuan.

short, the so-called free network training the ultimate aim is to benefit, Wangzhuan with reality is the same, there is no free lunch.

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