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5. League medicine

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July, the baby tree announced a $3 billion financing. Baby tree COO Wei Xiaowei said, financing 3 billion yuan, will be in the electricity supplier, early education, health and other aspects of force, the establishment of mother and child ecological circle. In the absence of any "warm up" situation, the baby tree beauty store mom in less than two years bend overtaking, among the first camp electricity supplier.


3. similar music

around July, NetEase cloud music launched a round of 1 billion yuan financing, financing after the valuation of 8 billion yuan. The news of this round of financing plan for the purchase of capital NetEase cloud music copyright, support and signing independent studios and artists, expansion and reinforcement team, and in the 123 line of the city’s students, white-collar middle class and market promotion etc..

4. NetEase cloud music

alliance pharmaceutical complete C round of financing, investment by the gold and so on

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similar music performing arts, Songcheng tour for a long era of 29 million 900 thousand yuan investment, the valuation of 130 million. Similar music to the three entertainment revealed that at present they set nearly 50 full-time music creation, the first annual output of 8000-10000 pure music and songs, for all types of animation, games, network drama, pop singer, songwriter and other group.

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December 7th, the cat learning today announced the completion of 50 million yuan A round of financing. This round of financing by the Chinese fund to lead investment, angel round investors, Northern Light Venture continues to vote. "Cat CEO" Huo Liang said, "cat rice covering the teaching, learning, training, testing, evaluation of the five links.". "Our goal is to be a professional, interdisciplinary, cross platform, professional, teaching platform for students, teachers, parents and school administrators.

1. baby tree

A5 comments online education as a "new economy" in the form has been much sought after, is gradually breaking the limitations of traditional education, to achieve resource sharing. Whether early education or discipline teaching, the major capital layout, the use of resources, the best teachers, the best teaching results spread through the network in all directions.

2. beaver study

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A5 commented according to statistics, in 2015 China’s digital music users reached 501 million, of which mobile internet music users 416 million, which shows that the prospects for digital music. With the digital music market is gradually growing, competition has intensified, especially for the problem of copyright also began to expand, not only that, has been used to free internet service users may not buy it.

2016 only last two days, in the inventory of the ten major news points, we will look again into the investment and financing of this piece, with the small beginning to review the ups and downs of the venture capital market.

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