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server owners have installed traffic statistics? In May 6th, golden week Internet climax has passed, my UUSEE income is only 70 yuan, in May 7th only 2.80, "our world" why so shameless, always take the past things? The golden week is over. It’s over. Why?

eighth days: 2.80 tens of thousands of IP…
ninth days: 2.80

: 37.60  the first day; because on the afternoon, so I like this is also quite satisfactory: 178.40 second
fourth days: 81.20

second failed to share bike 3Vbike on-line 4 months, Wu Wukong cycling is short-lived,


in February this year, 3Vbike shared the first batch of bicycles in Hebei, Baoding, and in Hebei, Baoding, Langfang, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe, Fujian, Putian and other places have put in vehicles.

recently "www.wangmeng world network alliance" in the station, behind, 51 statistics webmaster gathered Kuangpao advertising! Because the previous Moyu and 7town data, left the mobile phone number, so they call at noon on April 30th to contact me has two: one is: 7town- shadowless sword hereinafter referred to as NO.1; another at I deleted, only remember his signature hereinafter referred to as NO.2: I from the sword to laugh, laugh after go to bed…, the phone said they recently launched a UUSEE client download, many webmaster do, very hot, very good money! I said 5000IP, try, I don’t know how much I can make, NO.1 says 1000IP can make a few pieces know, can’t coax old webmaster, not very ignorant conscience! NO.2 said, "400, I think you can make money in 99 years."

… The situation continues…


first union.moyu  union.7town  the two is "the world network alliance alliance junk www.wangmeng"!

recently, the founder of the first empty Wukong bicycle Lei Houyi, in an interview, said: "do not blindly chasing the wind.". Tuyere is not catching up, but to wait out, the need for deep plowing in an industry, when the opportunity to be prepared. This >

second failed to share bike 3Vbike on-line 4 months, Wu Wukong cycling is short-lived,

, 3Vbike by the Beijing science and Technology Co., Yaodi China investment, the main 3 line city sharing travel, 3 V users, on behalf of the company, the shareholders "win win win" and company, society and nation "win win win" vision.

3Vbike sharing bike, 21 this month in its official WeChat public announcement, saying that due to a large number of bike theft, 3Vbike shared bike from June 21, 2017 outage. 3Vbike remind no refund user, apply for refund as soon as possible. The release date of the announcement came just 8 days after news of the announcement that the Wu Tao bicycle was out of the market.

according to the "2017 first quarter of the domestic market research report" shows the sharing of bicycle, bicycle bike sharing Mobell accounted for about 57% market share, nearly 30% of ofo, and the blue, cool bike companies such as a second tier, accounted for about 14% of market share. Analysts believe that the market share "bicycle on the outlet, ofo has gradually become the v-mobile two giants battle, small enterprises are facing reshuffle bike sharing.

buckle even worse, and I don’t do your alliance still can’t do? No way!!! >

is the exploitation of the alliance webmaster brothers, please carefully read my post, you will find that "our world" is how despicable and shameless! In order for more brothers to recognize the attitude of the garbage Union towards us, please give me a hand!

customer service explained that the UUSEE server is out of order, so that’s it! A few days to do UUSEE should be a lot of it, there have been webmaster test? If not, I tell you, I don’t want to test the situation, the customer service said that in addition to 22:00 p.m., accidental advertising not displayed, other times are normal, I also test the download speed can also be, but why has been declining?

According to

but in Baoding for a few days, in March 2nd, the head of the 3Vbike was told to take back all of the bikes, stop operations and leave Baoding because of the heavy losses of vehicles.

TechWeb June 30th, mid month, the monkey bike announced through the official micro-blog announced the withdrawal of shared bike market, opened a bike sharing company in the country precedent. Recently, by the Beijing Hua Technology Co., Yaodi operation 3Vbike shared bicycle, said that due to the large number of bicycle theft, thus to outage, from June 21, 2017 onwards, the second publicly announced the shared bicycle brand was born outage.

in addition, 3Vbike announced an indefinite stop operation as early as June 6th in the WeChat public number, but then deleted the announcement. 3Vbike closed its doors only 4 months later, and it was 5 months shorter than the first defunct shared bike brand, wukong.

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