When the webmaster loves shlf1314 AdsenseCheater trick is too arrogant SMS trap case exposure


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station is "sensitive", at sh419 alimama, said loudly: "GG is the world’s mother", but "there will be a space for one person in your emperor’s harem". The most understand GG, it is easy to find her vulnerability, and most owners do not understand the GG, do not know what she would freak; stationmaster is sweet, sweet when you think you have GG such a bosom friend is happy, not what harder, but GG can be generous; stationmaster is poor, GG when you get rid of her often rely on you, let a person heart". And GG never makes any explanation, because interpretation is cover.

in the evening, the garbage, people cry, the man suddenly roar: "Hello GG very heart, left me so".

This paper consists of

"quack, quack." or fall in a bird shit falls on that person….

webmaster GG, because the GG ostentatious, the lowest price in cents a Chinese, also to the warlords. GG love, because she supports countless Chinese webmaster life; GG selfish, he does not allow any betrayal; GG ruthless, K you, and can not wait for an answer.


has suggested that all mobile phone, or to buy a mobile phone, for their own interests, Yiziyizi read the following……


data: 2004 total revenue of China’s Internet, 74% sources of grafted SMS on the website. Mobile phone SMS to make these businesses so crazy money? Not just some mobile phone text messages, why is actually now IT the first source of income?

you began to wonder: mobile phone in my hand, every month bill I submit to the Mobile Corporation, a third party company how to grab my money? Don’t worry, I listen carefully to!

The first stage:

The early stage of



A tree

when the webmaster love shlf1314, Adsense is doomed to break up, this relationship is no result. The love of money and love GG webmaster, "color", the two sides will lose their value "like birds flying in different directions".

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